Our new functionality for unblocking FBS4 Electronic Steering Lock is now available!
Introducing our latest product, the MN033 – FBS4 Electronic Steering Lock Repair, designed to tackle the common problem of "ELV Component Fault" in Electronic Steering Lock (ESL/ELV) modules that prevent vehicles from starting and being driven. Our MN033 functionality provides a quick and easy solution to clear the critical error that blocks the electronic steering lock, allowing you to repair the module and if the parts are not fully defected - unlocking the steering wheel will be possible (which will allow easy disassembly of the module from the steering column).
With the MN033, you can save time and resources by resolving issues with ALL ESL modules in FBS4 cars. Our innovative product enables you to get your vehicle back on the road faster, providing a more efficient problem-solving approach for FBS4 cars' electronic steering lock issues.

Don't let an ELV Component Fault stand in the way of your driving experience - try our FBS4 ESL UNBLOCK FUNCTIONALITY BY ABRITES today!