Want to know more about the ABRITES Vehicle Diagnostics Interface AVDI and how it works?
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Learn all about the capabilities of the basic software included in your AVDI from the get-go. For example, apart from standard diagnostics, there are hundreds of functionalities for nearly all brands on the market which you can access using AVDI with active AMS. Not only does AVDI work with passenger vehicles, but also with heavy duty ones, trucks, buses, maritime vehicles, in short the whole spectrum of motorised vehicles on land and water is supported by AVDI!
The basic software additionally allows performing advanced procedures such as:

• Adaptation of new modules
• Reset of used modules
• Key programming
• Instrument cluster calibration/Mileage recalibration
• Airbag renew

These are supported for a vast selection of brands and models, specified during the training sessions. The courses will give you a complete insight into what you can do with AVDI without the need for purchasing additional licenses. Take a sneak peek on a few highlights for three of the world's most popular automotive brands in the world:

For VAG vehicles:
• Calibrations (e.g. steering angle calibration)
• Scan all units or separate one, access scan reports in a printable format
• Diagnostic channel adaptations
• Guided functions for ECU, Instrument cluster, Navigation, Steering wheel, Electronic parking brake, Telephone, Comfort module and Body Control Module
• and many more

For BMW vehicles:
• EWS1/EWS2 key programming by EWS dump
• All keys lost programming for CAS1 and CAS2

Guided functions:
• Entering and exiting transport mode
• Service interval reset
• DPF Replacement
• DPF Regeneration
• Reset FRM short circuit
• Smooth running DME/ DDE setup
• EGS adaptation reset for ZF 8HP and 6HP
• Enabling parking brake workshop mode
• Injector calibration
• Starting Torque adjustment

For Mercedes-Benz vehicles:
• All keys lost programming and EZS password extraction for all DAS3/FBS3 via OBDII
• All keys lost programming and EZS password extraction for all DAS 2/ DAS 2a/ DAS 2b by dump and via OBDII
• SCN coding (e.g. DPF regeneration)
• Service interval resets both for Assyst and Assyst Plus for most current models
• VMAX limiter removal
• Exhaust flaps adjustment
• Torque limiter adjustment
• And thousands more!

This is just a minimal part of what your AVDI can do with the basic software you receive with your active AMS!
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