It is 2024 and in theory technology is there to assist humans in leading an easier life. This, however, pushes technology forward and technology itself is getting more complex by the minute. Elon Musk is on the verge of implanting chips in human brains and creating what can only be described as cyborgs soon. This is concept is frightening to me at least about the world our children will inhabit but we really need to focus on today because there is no point in being scared about what could end civilization in 20 years when there are so many things that can kill us today. The fact of the matter is that we live in a world far better than the one from 20 years ago and it is best to remain optimistic about the present and future. What cannot be denied from the current time in history is the fact that automotive technology is getting more complex and hi-tech by the minute. Gone are the days when we had one simple procedure for module adaptation or key programming, gone are the days when we just changed a PIN code or read one to program a vehicle. Today everything is getting more complex, requires more steps and procedures turning anything we do for a car today into a whole new process. Simple key programming now takes so many more steps than before.

To combat this hyper complication of procedures within modern vehicles we decided to dedicate our teams to creating training for anyone who is willing to listen to our talks on how and why we do what we do and how to work on modern cars. We have created a free training course which will be led by two of us first, after that we will have paid training for you guys on different topics. To start off we have created a training for the base AVDI package where we will tell you all the features the base AVDI and all the included software that comes with it. This is completely free training for anyone who is willing to join and learn about the things that come with it. I am sure you will be surprised to learn all that you can do with nothing but the base package. We include new software in the base package all the time and when you compare that to what it was 3-4 years ago you will be amazed by the upgrades, we have for anyone who owns an AVDI interface. Keep an eye on the website for particular dates!

The next big thing we have been working on in terms of training courses and learning is the special page where you guys will be able to register for any training that interests you. We plan on having courses on brands where we describe all the philosophy behind the manufacturer’s new diagnostic ideologies. This will lay your foundations in terms of understanding exactly what needs to be done for each model and why we do it. We plan to have in-person training in our offices across Europe and hopefully next year expand the training operation to other continents as well. We want to give you what we know because this is the correct way according to us at least to explain why we work how we work and give you all the knowledge you need to be able to be competitive. I will give you an example – this is easy with Volkswagen – back in the day you had a pin code of 4 digits – read that pin code from the car completely by OBD, prepare a simple transponder and program it to the car. Nowadays you have V850/ RH850 Renesas processors in the cluster – you need to read that, you need to load the file from it, it gets prepared by the software and you then continue. This on its own turns a 5 minute job into an hour. We want to go through each car brand because every single car company now has a complex procedure for key programming. My mom’s FIAT was a simple thing – read the pin, prepare the key – program it and it is the last but one generation, nowadays you have to go through RH850 reading and prepare and source keys and combat all sorts of challenges.

As I mentioned in one of the first blog posts this year we want to start doing more training to give you the knowledge to be better than anyone else and we have created a set of platforms where we can do that. Keep an eye out for the registration forms for the free and paid courses and practical learning sessions. I try to give as much relevant and particular data via the blog posts but plain text can only do so much for you. WE can give you a lot more in our training. Cars, test stands, demonstrations. Neither the blog nor the videos will give you the option to ask your questions – why did you do that now, must I also, why should I be doing it like that – during our trainings we will have feedback from you, add new features and make ABRITES better for you. We will teach you all the necessary steps, we will have software guys, hardware guys, people from our diagnostic testing teams onboard to help out with any question you may have. As my partner in crime – Ivo always says – Knowledge is power, and we want to empower you guys to know the tool you are buying and what you can do with it.

One final thing before I leave you for another week – I want to stress hard on the fact that there are people buying AVDI without knowing what to use it for – please, please, please join the free AVDI base course in order to understand what you have spent your hard-earned money on. AVDI is a tool like no other and you are missing out. It is not just a key programming tool, it is not just a module adaptation tool, it is not just a diagnostic tool – it is all of that together and it has no real competition, it has competitors in each of its fields but no one tool can do what AVDI does and I want you guys to learn with our help. Please check out our courses and register HERE!