There is a constant cat and mouse game going on -the manufacturers make a move – we respond- then they respond, and we respond to that, and it is a constant pursuit. It is easy for us to get detached from the things that really matter. As I am sure you know last year we made a significant tool for us all tool – a V850/ RH850 programmer internally referred to as the boring ZN085– an unassumingly looking tool to use with our licenses to read and write the new big thing in processor land used by everyone and their mother all over the world. After the initial hiccups you guys soon realized that the tool had a lot of potential and started using it. In the beginning it was hard because we had little more experience than you guys, but we soon realized what really matters – if we want the tool to keep evolving and progressing, we need to find more and more applications. So, it began – we scour the interwebs to find what problems you guys have.

Of course, we know some of the problems which you guys are facing. As you know – we have many licenses to do different things using the Abrites RH850/ V850 programmer. The latest addition to this list is our VN022 which requires VN021. As I am sure you know Golf 8 did a slick move by removing the IMMO from the dashboard in some cars. More specifically the 8th generation Golf tried to surprise us by adding the Continental/VDO dashboards without an immobilizer. We will talk about the way they now do immobilization in a separate blog post. The facts are that now we can safely say that we have a ready solution for dashboard calibration of these clusters. The new VN022 covers the GOLF 8 and the rest of the vehicles based on its platform which have no immobilizer in the dashboard.

The VN022 requires the ZN085 Abrites V850/RH850 programmer as well as the VN021 and works to read and write the cluster calibration values of the GOLF VIII and similar cars, equipped with Continental/ VDO dashboards without IMMO in them.
The idea of adding the VN022 is to assist you, the owner of the ZN085, to complete even more tasks.

As our universe is forever expanding, we are doing the same expansion with more and more functions to help you when it comes to the Renesas V850 and RH850 processors. We are working on many more of these licenses to be of your service and we will continue to expand.

Until next week, take care and try to have fun at work.