TIME. The most luxurious item on planet Earth.

You have read the title and I know what you are thinking, “this is another marketing article in the blog”. You know me better than that by now. All the people I have spoken to throughout my years at Abrites have always said the same about our products – You guys are always there to innovate – faster, easier procedures even in 2023 when all automotive technology is becoming exponentially more complex by the minute. There are procedures which require a long time to complete and there is nothing we can do but wait, there is no going around it and we have tried everything. You just must spend the time, and time is a luxury we do not always have. Now imagine this – you have a 2020+ JLR to work on with a locked BCM, armed alarm, and it has no keys. How are you going to unlock it when the procedure may take hours or even days. This is also the only possible way to disarm an armed car. We currently have the only possible procedure to unlock an armed car and disarm it. Your AVDI will be more useful on other cars at the same time? How much time will that cost you, how many jobs would you stand to lose?

I. Abrites KP0XX TOOLS. Quite literally time machines.

Abrites is a “for profit organization”, there is no doubt about that, the difference between us and everyone else, though is the fact that we value your time, and we appreciate every penny you spend with us. We want to give you the best possible value for money we can (not marketing talk). This respect towards our customers and the fact that we value your time led to the creation of the KP001 back in the day and now we have the KP002, I hope we will soon see a KP0XX for every procedure that lasts longer than one hour, but I cannot promise anything for now. I will tell you about the KP001 in the future because today I wanted to talk about Jaguar/ Land Rover and the KP002. So, I hear you say, what does it do?

II.    KP002 in detail.

What am I going to need to use KP002?
-    You will need to have the following items: AVDI, JL006, TA66 key (at least one), CB012, PROTAG and a good power supply for the car.
-    If you are working on a bench, you will also need to have a good power supply for bench.

Supported vehicles:
-    JLR models 2020+

Supported BCM modules (include, but are not limited to):
-    L8B2-14F041-AF (Defender 2020)
-    JPLA-14F041-BG (Evoque 2019)

NB! These are, perhaps the most common BCM module types.

The KP002’s main function is the ability to unlock locked and armed BCM modules in 2020+ Jaguar and Land Rover cars in All Keys Lost situations. In fact, what it does is it lets you have a free AVDI for however long unlocking the BCM unlocking procedure lasts. This may take anywhere from 20 minutes all the way up to 72 hours. Within this time the KP002 must stay in the vehicle and the vehicle itself must be supplied with power. KP002 requires you to have the JL006 license also because you need to connect to the car first and program a key also. Otherwise KP002 is a standalone device which does not require other tools, however, to complete key learning you need to have the rest of the kit.). Here is exactly how and why you should approach all 2020+ JLR cars with armed alarms and locked BCM where you do not have a working key available to assist you. KP002 works both on bench and in the car, it comes equipped with cables both for working in the car and on bench depending on how it is most convenient to you. Here is how to use it in the car:

-    Connect your AVDI to the car first, enter the JLR software and go to the Abrites Diagnostics for Jaguar/ Land Rover software.
-    Then choose Special functions and select Key Learning Duplicator.
-    After that the software will investigate the vehicle, you are working on and see that it is armed. It will then advise you to connect to the internal CAN- BUS of the car.
-    At this point we will need to use the CB012 cable to connect to internal CAN-BUS of the vehicle. There are CAN wires under the driver seat. For exact locations and specific connection diagrams please read page 30 onward in the following User manual.
-    At the next step the CB012 needs to be connected between your AVDI and the OBDII cable connected to the car.
-   Then find a good connection – like I said – under the driver’s seat. Follow the steps of the Duplicator. If you see “ERROR WHILE COMMUNICATING WITH CONTROL UNIT, this means that the BCM module does not want to communicate because the alarm is ARMED. This is where we used to get stuck and if we had the functionality in AVDI you would have had to leave your AVDI in for up to72 hours in the car,
-    It is at this point that you will need to use the KP002. Disconnect your AVDI and disconnect the CB012 from the CAN BUS under the seat.
-    Connect the KP002 using its internal CAN cables to the same internal CAN-BUS you were connected to a minute ago and once you are ready plug it into the OBD. This will allow the tool to work.
-    KP002 will begin working by lighting up in RED and then fast GREEN blink.
-    Once it starts blinking slowly in GREEN the actual unlocking procedure starts. Let it work for as long as it takes to finish. Make sure you are supplying the car with 12V of power to the battery!
-    Once the LED of the KP002 goes to constant GREEN we are done, and the car is unlocked.
-    Disconnect the KP002 from the OBD and the CAN BUS from under the seat.
-   You can then connect the AVDI to the OBD, CB012 will no longer be required here. Make sure you are ready to connect, just in case an internal CAN- BUS connection is required again.
-   Open the Key Duplicator function once again and follow the instructions closely. If the software tells you to move al the keys 6 meters away follow that exactly, it is very important. For anyone using imperial measuring units – this is 29 feet. After you move all the keys away from the car (. FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS you see on the screen.
- End the procedure and test your new keys.
- You are good to go. And in the 72 hours it took to unlock the car’s BCM you were able to work

Sometimes it is more convenient to get the BCM out of the car and leave it on a bench to unlock. If you are working on bench, you can connect the supplied cable set from the KP002 to pin the BCM on bench once again leaving your AVDI free for other activities. This means that you can go to the car, establish that it is of the same type as the supported by the KP002 and take just the BCM to your workshop. This way the car will not even take up space at your place. Please make sure to read the user manual from above for the exact steps and how to use the KP002 on bench. For this reason we chose to create the KP002 – it works on its own and is the only tool which has the ability to unlock and disarm the vehicles. This functionality is not available in AVDI because if it were available you would not be able to use your AVDI for hours every time you have an armed JLR 2020+.

I really hope that you can make good usage of the KP002 as it is a wonderful solution for not blocking your interface while performing the lengthy procedure of BCM unlocking (I also hope that in the near future we can supply more KP0XX Tools to assist with time consuming procedures). Until next week!