AVDI - The expensive tool?

I try to keep my professional life separate from my personal one, honestly. The problem is that after almost 12 years as part of Abrites this is no longer possible. My daughter visits the office often, she is at first name basis with everyone, my better half is friendly with my colleagues, most of our friends are from Abrites and it is safe to say my personal and professional life separation is a complete failure.

  • This failure results in me often getting into heated discussions with people when the conversation goes towards the pricing of our tools. I know it is wrong because it always ends up in someone feeling unhappy about the result of the conversation. This is why I wanted to take a moment to put my position forward so that everyone knows my standpoint and you can do whatever you want with my opinion.
  • The most important thing to me in terms of our business is the feedback from you guys, I want to talk to you. This is all provoked by the fact that I was recently doing a study where I was comparing Abrites Diagnostics for BMW to competitive tools.
  • What I understood from my research is that you can start with a tool for € 3,000 that does about 70% of what it does and the price with a € 750 annual subscription and you can get the most expensive option which is exactly what we offer for € 12,000.

Suddenly the Abrites Diagnostics for BMW/ MINI/ Rolls- Royce at around € 5,000 (in the case you have nothing from us, and you are starting from scratch) does not sound so expensive at all, especially when considering the fact that the AMS is € 300, and the optional support is € 200.

I want to mention here that I am also preparing a blog post specifically about the misunderstandings we have in Abrites Diagnostics for BMW, and it must be explained in full details, I am waiting on the developers to help me communicate all the information correctly, but that is beside the point.

  • Back to the topic. Let’s take this situation for example – you want a tool that does everything for BMW that is currently available on this planet, and you decide to spend € 4,000 with us. This is the pinnacle of Diagnostics for these vehicles but what you might not know is that once you spend your hard-earned money with us you get a literal ТОN of functions which are already included in the base package.
  • It will probably come as a surprise to you but in the base package of the AVDI you get so many functions included. My colleague Ivo from the Abrites sales team and I conduct a free online training with 20-30 people each month for about two and a half hours just to go through everything you get with the basic AVDI package, you are welcome to sign up using this link HERE.

A bit more about the licenses included in the base package, now. We did the math, and it turns out that for your € 1,088 you get about € 23,000 worth of licenses included. Please check the PDF file with the included licenses at the bottom of this page. Now this is a double-edged sword because on the one hand people don’t even know they have all that and it kind of goes “in vain” if you do not use your AVDI to its full potential. This is why we want to give you the training and once again it is 100% free for everyone to join. The next session is on August 14th.  Why is it a double-edged sword? – Because usually licenses that were popular four- five years ago now go to the base AVDI package and this is great for people who buy new AVDIs, but I know, I have heard it already, the people who have bought these licenses in their prime are not happy. And I understand that, but the fact of the matter is that they bought these licenses when they were the hottest thing and they used them to do what nobody else could. It is only natural that once the life of one of these licenses draws to an end it is time for it to become part of the base package because these licenses have helped these people enough and it is time for them to help new people who may need them at this point. Besides people who have purchased some of the license’s part of the base package get the other ones included in it for free with each update.

With that being said I cannot really agree with the claim that AVDI and the Abrites Diagnostic Software are the “Expensive solution”. According to the comparisons I often do with other tools I believe that the AMS of € 300 and the fact that you get so much for the price of the base package makes AVDI one of the least expensive tools because if you look at it brand by brand it offers so much more for each AVDI owner. As you know we also do updates to the existing functionality, not just generate new functions all the time. This means that if you have one existing function and we find a way to add something you get that in the price of your annual subscription which you pay anyway. A good example is the IMMO 4.5 cars from this week. All owners of VN002 will receive this as long as their AMS is active. This is just one example, and we do this all the time. With the online software it is even easier to do updates and improvements because you guys don’t even notice them. Unless we announce them in an email to you.  In all fairness, though – it is not how much you spend on the tool but what the purchase of the tool will give you back and I believe the money your AVDI will make you is a lot more than what you pay for it. AND THAT’S WHAT MATTERS!

This is just my point of view, you are welcome to chime in and argue against it, to do so – please use the email address. See you next week, until then try to have fun at work.

P.S. I have always said that you cannot just have one tool but if you must have just one tool – AVDI is the one, 100%.

Basic AVDI functionalities COMPLETE LIST.