MN029 - Odometer calibration for W205/W213/W222

MN029 - Odometer calibration for W205/W213/W222


Code: MN029

Category Mercedes/Maybach/Smart
Requirements AMS I18

Special function MN029 enables users to perform odometer calibration by OBDII for W205/W222/W213 dashboards (for vehicles produced up to 2018). 

In order to complete the procedure, the Abrites MN029 special function and EM014 emulator are required. The emulator blocks the synchronisation of the dashboard with other mileage-containing modules in the vehicle. For W213 dashboards the procedure is done with the designated EM014 emulator, whereas for W205 and W222 dashboards, the EM008/EM009 can also be used.

An AVDI interface with a valid AMS subscription is required for the purchase of the special function.