JL004 - Key learning

JL004 - Key learning

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JL004 - Key learning
Requirements AMS I18

The JL004 is a special function designed to perform key programming on Jaguar/ Land Rover vehicles produced between 2008 and 2017 completely by OBD without removing the KVM.

Main functionalities:

  • Spare key programming
  • ALL KEYS LOST key programming
  • Remote control and keyless programming are part of the procedure, so no extra steps are required.

Supported models are equipped with the following KVM types:

  • DPLA
  • FK72
  • HPLA

JL004 allows you to use the TA54/ TA56 Abrites JLR keys, as well as original keys.
The JL004 works as a standalone function (no additional licenses required) but requires an AVDI, PROTAG programmer and an active AMS subscription to operate.

Jaguar/Land Rover User Manual

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