The wait is over!
We could not be happier to announce that we finally have a solution ready for the writing process of the RH850 processor type.

Writing of RH850 processors.
Unlimited reading and writing with no restrictions.
RH850 MQB clusters added free for all owners of VN021 and AMS.
Constant software updates.

As you already know, the RH850 processors has been on our “to-do” ever since the ZN085 came out months ago. We will be able to give you more information about the solution after the complete release of the new software version around mid-January 2024. The complete solution will be available in our next official release in mid-January 2024, but initial updates for the existing VN021 customers who have AMS are expected next week.

A very important point is that we will have absolutely no restrictions on the number of processors you can read and write, and you will be able to use your tool the way you need.