The ABRITES Diagnostics for JLR gives all customers unrivalled functionality in the key programming market allowing them to program keys in all situations regardless of the model and year of the vehicle. Using our special functions, you can both add a key when the vehicle owner has a working key or program keys in all keys lost situations. This applies to all vehicles up to 2020 and is the only solution on the market providing 100% coverage for such vehicles. Vehicles from 2012 to 2018 will require TA54/TA56 keys for the procedure, whereas vehicles produced after 2018 will require the TA57/TA58 keys.

Following our passion to always be first on the market with our solutions, we are extremely happy to announce our newest solution coming very soon – key programming for JLR vehicles produced after 2020. Starting with the Land Rover Defender and Range Rover Evoque, we will very soon release key programming functionality where customers will be able to add a key to those vehicles. All subsequent vehicles released by JLR based on that platform will also be covered by this solution. ABRITES keys will be required for the procedure.