This week’s update of the ABRITES ECU Programming Tool brings users more opportunities for engine control unit programming in BMW F and E Series.
In version 5.2, our team has added ISN reading and writing from DFLASH/EEPROM. It enables reading EGS/DME ISN from DME and writing, which allows users to perform key programming, as well as module replacement and adaptation procedures in E and F Series. The procedures are done using DumpTool.
Another incredibly useful feature we are presenting today is direct reading and writing ISN in the main menu. This eliminates the need of DumpTool or DFLASH saving when performing the procedure and makes it considerably more user-friendly. Stay tuned for more features like this one coming soon!
Moreover, we have added support for AdBlue modules in Mercedes-Benz, specifically Bosch DCU17PC41 AdBlue SCRCM3 and Bosch DCU17PC42 AdBlue SCRCM3. Users are now enabled to read and write flashes, maps and data on these modules.
We have added support for Ford AdBlue DCU17PC42, as well, where users can read and write DFLASH, and read PFLASH and Maps/Data.
And finally, we have expanded our virtual flashes database.