You see, there are a million companies claiming to be building tools for BMW vehicles. I am certain you are aware of most of them. Indeed, there are good tools out there for BMW and derivative vehicles for you to work with. The problem is that they work in different branches of Automotive diagnostics – some are great with keys, others do good coding, third are awesome at standard diagnostics, and then there are those who can help with module replacement. What if there was a tool that put all of this together and give you much more in one, well put together concise package which you can get now for a fraction of its original cost. This is the situation we find ourselves in just now.
When people ask me – Why should I buy your product, I have this tool for that and that tool for this and…? I always reply one thing and that always has been my honest to God opinion:

- You cannot work in a workshop or be a locksmith with just the one tool, but if you need to have just the one tool – AVDI is your best choice because it has no actual competitor. We created this style of tool 18 years ago where you have diagnostics, key programming, and module replacement in one tool. I mean sure, we have competitors in diagnostics, we have competitors in key programming, and we have competitors in module adaptation but no one tool that comes close to us when considering the entirety of the product we produce. This is especially true when discussing the topic of Bavarian vehicles and their subsidiaries. Here are the reasons why:

1.    Diagnostics.
In terms of standard diagnostics, we provide an OEM+ level of functionality. Why do I say that – we have the same DTCs and we have the same descriptions as OEM, same set of actuators to be tested as original tools but we also provide “one click” solutions for entering and exiting transport mode, full guided functions, abilities to complete “DDE/ DME smooth idle running”, Reset the values of the transmissions, be they 8HP or 6HP ZF units, DPF regenerations in a single click, and so on. These are just some of the examples, also “Transport mode” activation and deactivation are guided functions where you can perform these actions with just one click. You have the ability to extract FSC codes for the navigational systems of the iDrive system for all CIC, CCC, and NBT systems in order to update the navigational system maps of your customers’ cars. Not just that, though. We provide a very nifty little feature which helps a lot in the situations where you are truly diagnosing a problem (I know, we do that less and less today). We can monitor the live values while performing actuator testing to see how each of the components of one system react to an electrical or electromechanical input. We have full DTC description in terms of diagnostics, which can help you determine a plan on which to act after finding symptoms. I believe we have it easier than OEM because we can structure our diagnostics in a linear manner, rather than having to figure out a tree.

2.    Coding, Programming, I-level, and VO.
I have written an extensive blog post on coding in three separate parts once and the terms from it still apply – we can change the behavior of the modules and how they operate, perform complete retrofits and change the Integration Level (I-level) and Vehicle Order of each BMW and derivative product vehicle. Coding applies to E, F, and G- series vehicles and we serve as a benchmark for how easy it is to perform for all other tools. There is also one more thing we need to mention here- using the programming menu of the Abrites Diagnostics for BMW/ MINI/ Rolls- Royce you can do individual module reprogramming thanks to our own database of flash files. This means that programming one single module from the car is possible. Just to remind you that when using OEM tools you need to reprogram the whole car and this is by all means a 24 hour job. Using the programming menu, unlike other tools you can also choose to go to higher, as well as lower versions of the software installed in each module. This is not just more convenient, but also lets you perform upgrades or downgrades to single parts of the vehicles which allows you to perform other, more complex operations like key programming much more easily. There is literally no end to the possibilities when you choose to use the programming menu. Another example is when converting a car from automatic to manual transmission or vice versa. You can program a CAS file with an ELV thus helping yourself immensely with the correct choice of software and modifications to the VO later. While on the topic of choosing the correct file and coding – we provide you with the ability to change the VIN of most BMW modules. It is as easy as typing the needed VIN to the module and you have it in. Once that is completed this brings me to another very cool feature we provide exclusively. This is what we call “Default Coding”. What this means is that we do not have to think about all the coding features we need to manually input, we just replace a module, place the new VIN in and set the default coding according to the VIN number of the recipient vehicle. This saves days, believe me.
3.    Key Programming.
This is what we are known for. We provide you with a tool which covers everything. Using the Abrites PROTAG you can do EWS1 and 2 installed in the E36, late E34s, E31, E38, etc. Using the Abrites ABPROG you can program EWS3 keys for E46, E83, E53, late E38s, Z4s and so on. Then it gets interesting – Using the Abrites diagnostics for BMW you can do all CAS1, CAS2, CAS3, CAS3+ by OBD, simple and in a step- by step manner – E9X, E7X, E6X. The same applies to CAS4 and CAS4+ cars – we support all of them by OBD completely – all F01, F10, F06, F02, etc. BY OBD. From then it becomes even more interesting – In FEM vehicles where you have the 95128 EEPROM in the FEM you need to take the FEM out and read it. There are clips you can find online so that you do not need to desolder and resolder the EEPROM. You need to connect the EEPROM of the FEM to the ABPROG to read the data that you will need. This procedure requires only one reading and once you have completed the read you return the FEM back to the passenger’s footwell and you can continue the procedure completely by OBD – F2X, F3X and all the derivatives use this type. Hard part over we move forward to the next generation of Electronic Start Protection – BDC. Technically speaking the BDC is not that much different to the FEM, they are often found in the same location and physically they look nearly identical. The EEPROM in the Body Domain Controller is similar to the Front Electric Module, but it is 95256 type and instead of horizontally it is placed vertically. The thing about BDC is that it is in fact easier to do. We support the key programming completely BY OBD. We prefer to use our own ENET cable which speeds the procedure up from around 45-60 minutes if use an OBD cable to just over 13 minutes when you use the ENET – All F1X, etc, i3, i8…all covered by OBD. At the moment this is where our official support ends for the BMW systems, but we have a good idea of how to proceed with the BDC2 type of system, so we hope to be able to provide good news for G-Series key programming soon. You can read more details in my 5-part series of blogs about all things BMW right here. As you may know, adding keys is usually the easier task. The real problem with all key programming is when you do not have any keys for a car, and you are essentially in an ALL-KEYS LOST situation. The way BMWs are structured is that the DME/DDE module (digital motor electronic/ digital diesel electronic) is the lead module in the immobilizer system. This module contains the ISN (individual serial number), this code is the one we need to be able to perform key programming when all keys are lost. We can read the ISN codes from DME/DDE modules for all CAS, FEM, and BDC cars either by OBD, on bench, or via a specially supplied cable connector set which you are prompted to use in two particular cases. I have tested any imaginable key out there and most of them work just fine. In some cases some keys cannot complete the key programming procedure and you are left with the “EWS Tampering” DTC or the RED EWS TAMPERING DOT on the cluster. We, of course can remove this and complete the operation, even if another tool was used to create the problem.

4.    Module Replacement.
This is my absolute favorite part of the whole software. As you know BMW official workshops would prefer to swap all immobilizer modules – DME, CAS, FEM, BDC, EGS and keys as a set but what we can help with is the ability to replace any one of these modules individually. If you have been reading all of the paragraphs above you would certainly start to get the feeling how it is done by now – as I mentioned the ISN is the most important code to allow you to perform module replacement when talking about the immobilizer system as all of the modules contain this ISN, I must specify that some of them have them in an encrypted format, this is all described in the user manual. An important note is that the 8HP ZF gearbox’s EGS can be programmed to all types – late facelifted E7X cars, F series, this is a given, but also G- series. Of course we have a direct connection cable which allows you to work directly on the EGS either on bench or while in the car, I mean it is the best solution since sliced bread. Full FEM/ BDC support is available for replacement and reset. Other than the immobilizer related modules we also provide a solution for the comfort and safety modules installed in modern BMW products. We can retrofit fully digital clusters (6WB) to analog cars, upgrade to Laser lights and higher end audio systems to provide a complete service for you to offer your customers. Mileage resets are also available, even if FEM/BDC cars. New age Bosch MD/ MG DME/DDEs are covered for replacement up until 2020- 2021 and I believe this alone is a good enough reason to get the tool.
As you can clearly see the Abrites diagnostics for BMW/ MINI/ Rolls- Royce is a one stop shop tool solution for anyone, and the cool part is that we now have it on offer for anyone willing to buy. By the end of this week you can jump onboard and get (in my not independent opinion) the best BMW tool available on the market. There are very few secrets modern BMW/ Mini/ Rolls- Royce cars can keep from us and we are constantly developing the tool. We are constantly updating our programming databases and we have them updated every 2-3 months so you can constantly have all flashes and I- level versions available to you. I am willing to compare the Abrites Diagnostics for BMW against any other tool out there to compare results.

I love the tool and I am sure you will love it just as much once you buy it. I must mention that we have it on up to 41% sale at the moment with all the hardware and software you currently need as a full BMW package. This is part of our current sale campaign we call Beating the Mood of Winter. Apart from that we have outstanding user manuals on our website, easy to follow along YouTube videos via the AVDI FAN channel and, lastly my blog which I believe has about 8 articles dedicated to BMW and all the cases we may have with it.