Today is the last Friday of the year and you know what that means. – Final blog of the year time.
This year I thought it would be fun to do something fun with you guys. My colleague already did a recap on what we have done in 2023 which you have already received in your email. There is no point in repeating her talking points until your eyes get sore. Since 2023 is the year Abrites turned eighteen I thought what could be better than considering what car Abrites might be if it were, you know, a car. In Bulgaria eighteen is the legal age to start driving so at this age most of us get to choose their first car. Well, usually they are hand-me-downs but if you are lucky as I was you will get to go out with your dad to make that choice, basically for you. That is exactly what happened to me. I really wanted a Nissan Skyline GT-R R32 as they were roughly three thousand pounds at the time. My dad just looked at me and I ended up with a metallic grey 1997 K11 Micra Super S… Hey, it was the sport model with a whopping 1300cc 75hp beast of an engine still found in my grandmother’s basement, but this is a story for a different time.

Anyway, I would like to hear from you guys – what was your first car? Do you still have it or was it wrapped around a pole like someone just trying to support their way through college. Back to what I was thinking. I thought it would be fun to gather Abrites’ characteristics and apply that to a car. So let’s get to it. What is Abrites?
1. It is multifunctional and reliable – you can use our tools to program keys, perform standard diagnostics, you can adapt modules, you can do coding, you can do remote diagnostics and fleet management, so what it has to must be very versatile – like a large off-roader. Maybe like an old Range Rover, but this is an oxymoron because a Range Rover isn’t reliable, a G class perhaps
2. It must be diesel because of the longevity of the company – through good and bad times Abrites has survived and has been there for its customers – a reliable partner when you really need one. It must be like one of those OM606 Mercedes engines.
3. It must be powerful because Abrites provides a powerful solution for you guys to go through all the small and large hills you face every day with your work. For that reason, we have to be equipped with a heavily modified OM606 with a modified fuel pump and a large turbo charger hanging off the side of it.
4. It has to able to carry many people around because we managed to grow our customer base a lot this year, besides our team is also growing and we have to have the space for passengers. We also need space to carry our thousands of modules for development around. Side note – we need a trailer hitch or tow bar to carry our development vehicles too. We also need a trailer.
5. It has to be a premium car because to be honest we have fought long and hard to attach the premium badge to our name. A Mercedes for sure. Then all that is left for Abrites to be in my mind is a dark, reliable off-road Sprinter van.

As much as I wanted Abrites to turn out as a potential cross between an Escort Mexico and a De Tomaso Mangusta type of car when I started writing this I just cannot get over the facts and I ended up with this rather mundane but true conclusion.

I really would like to hear back from you via the specific mailbox. Most of us will have a bit of spare time for mental exercises during the Holidays so I would be extremely grateful if you spare a moment and drop us a line via the mailbox. I promise to publish the best replies, even the unflattering ones. Have a successful 2024 and I will see you next Friday when standard broadcast will continue. See you then, boys and girl. I am going to spend some family time and re-read some of the books by one of my biggest inspirations for writing – Jeremy Clarkson.
And on that bombshell, good night!