Vehicle Module Synchronization in FCA vehicles. Let’s complete the adaptation.

By now we are all aware of what PROXI alignment is – it is, in essence, the process of aligning mostly immobilizer related modules to the BCM. Why BCM? Because it is the “Primary” immobilizer module in any FCA vehicles. Our Proxi alignment solution does a lot more than just adapting the immobilizer related modules to the BCM, there is coding which it does, it allows a bunch of customizations such as enabling and disabling features like start/stop system, rain sensors, gearshift sensors, indicators, etc. Safe to say that the PROXI alignment is essential for module replacement. The problem we are faced with when discussing adaptation of module in FCA cars is that there are different types of adaptation depending on their security level. This means that some of the module adaptations go through synchronization of the modules via VIN. The functionality provided by the FN023 license does just that. It completes the synchronization of the modules which are not related to the immobilizer system. These modules are for example the distance control unit, distronic (adaptive cruise control), ABS, climate control, and many more. The obstacle in their adaptation is the fact that they are adapted by the VIN number written in the module itself.  Up until the appearance of the FN023 license there was no solution for this adaptation and the way we do it cannot be easier. You install the new module in the car, go to the menu and then you will see the VIN numbers of all the modules installed within the vehicle. Once you see those VIN numbers you can simply choose whichever one is the one you want to assign to the module is. For example, if you are replacing three non immo modules at the same time you will see four possible VIN numbers – the three secondhand module VIN numbers plus the one of the original car you are working on. You then simply select the correct VIN number from the radio select buttons you will inevitably have on your screen and match it to the other three modules you are replacing by pressing “OK”. With most cars you will see you will need to have the ZN038 adapter because its goal is to allow normal communication between the vehicle and the AVDI interface you are working with. This is due to the additional gateway in FCA vehicles, which is designed to not comply with standard OBDII requirements and attempts to bypass regulations. We have ZN038 as a solution to that. The ZN038 itself is connected between the OBDII cable of and the AVDI itself using the male/ female DB25 connector. CB019 is also a requirement in some cases but be informed that the software is intelligent enough to inform you. The whole VIN synchronization procedure should take no more than a couple of minutes, once you are completed you can easily delete the DTCs that you have and return the vehicle to its normal operation. Here is a video example of us performing this procedure:

Alfa Romeo Stelvio Adaptive Cruise Control Module (Distronic) VIN Synchronisation


Imagine how powerful this license (FN023) can be, especially if you combine it with the FN021 PROXI alignment license. It is just simply there to complete a full adaptation in any FCA vehicle. The FN023 license currently supports the following cars but we know that there are more, as well as the derivatives:

(up to MY 2020)

  • Alfa Romeo:

  • Giulia

  • Stelvio

  • Giulietta

  • Jeep:

  • Renegade

  • Fiat:

  • 500

  • 500L

  • 500X

  • Panda 319 MK4 (3rd generation)

  • Doblo 263 (2nd generation)

  • Fiorino/Qubo 255 (3rd generation)

  • Ducato 250 (3rd generation)


This neatly brings me to conclude this week’s blog with the ability to tell you about the PROMO we are currently running until July 2nd which will provide a full solution for FCA vehicles. Please check out our great “La Dolce Vita MAX package” 

Until next week, try to have fun at work,