Training with Abrites 2

As we have discussed before, we know that the ever-growing world of Automotive Diagnostics is changing so rapidly that we can all barely keep up with the constant innovation, introduction of new technologies and methods of overcoming modern vehicle security. We try every day to be one step ahead of the manufacturers, try to predict their next move but it is difficult to achieve that. If it is difficult for us, we know for sure that it is difficult for you too. This is the reason why in the last blog of 2023 we said that we want to do different training courses for you guys, we are opening our doors for you and letting you in to our world. Our goal with that is to create an environment of confidence and inspiration for you guys to feel more comfortable when working on different cars. This is why we are engaged with our partners to assist them in conducting training for you – our customers. We travel all over the world to try and help by telling people, showing people, and assisting them on the spot. The single goal of this strategy is to assist people and empower you to be more confident and stronger when anything walks through your door.

As I promised, the last time we discussed training and how we wanted to have more training courses and for this reason we started organizing different training courses. For example – just next Monday we will be able to participate in the AVDI Base Package training. The reason we created that one is because there are now so many special function licenses included in the base package that you are getting thousands of Euros in licenses. Granted, they are mostly older licenses, but I truly believe they are the greatest first step into Abrites you can take. My colleague Ivo and I will tell you why and show you during the training. The whole idea is for you to know. Knowing gives you confidence whenever you start work on any of the supported cars. This means that you know what to expect so in a very “Book of five rings” manner you know exactly what to expect from your opponent. There is a certain thrill there, a thrill in diagnostics, like this whole Gregory House and Miyamoto Musashi kind of way. This thrill, when you know how to solve the puzzle in front of you before you even start. This is what we want to provide to our customers – it is the knowledge that we gain from inside that we want to provide to you.

After the first online training for the AVDI base package we will move forward throughout the year – we will have at least two more in person training courses and another one online. We will be able to get into details where we never have had the time for before on those topics we have always wanted to address for your benefit. These are topics we got from you – learning about MQB, understanding FBS4 and all the rest of them. We have listened and we are doing that for you guys, to assist, to make you more confident and stronger.

As soon as a training seminar or session is ready, we will let you know. All our new customers are now invited to our online training session on Monday, April 8th and we will see you there.

This is just the beginning, and we will be updating as more dates emerge. Just make sure to keep an eye on your email inbox and the news on our website if you want to participate because slots are going to be limited.

See you next week,