You know, I seem to write many blog posts about special functions, and licenses, and how to adapt modules and program keys but it is like we tend to forget that Abrites is a diagnostic company which produces diagnostic equipment for standard diagnostics too. I know that most of you guys are not here for standard diagnostics, and this is an often-neglected topic around here. When we speak about Toyota we often turn to our special functions – as I am sure you know we have such a vast support for key programming alone that our position as the top tool for Toyota is undeniable. That being said, to be top dog for a brand you simply have to have more than appropriate standard diagnostics.

Another one of our young and motivated team members started exactly that. In his mind the Abrites diagnostics for Toyota online just needed to have the best possible diagnostic side and there was work to be done.

Starting with version 34.7 we included quite a few standard diagnostic features to Abrites Diagnostics for Toyota/ Lexus Online. Here is what you can expect to see once the next update comes out:

• Manual selection of vehicles. This allows us to perform diagnostics even when the vehicle has no ECU. Normally the identification of the vehicle goes through the ECU as this is the module containing the identification of the cars. This allows us to start diagnostics not only when the vehicle has no ECU but also when issues with CAN messaging are present. We can show a list of the supported modules in the car.
•  Live values support has been added and we can now monitor live values from Toyota vehicles to monitor the behavior of the Toyota cars in real time. This is a very good update as it goes through the Abrites diagnostics for Toyota online which is an outstanding platform to support just that. We still have it in the offline version but not to this degree of response and refresh time. This is a much more stable solution. Improvement is constant and we can add additional modules much quicker.
•  Actuator testing is also available as an improved ability when compared to the offline functionality.
•  Most of all though the ability for coding is now present, this allows many features to be activated, deactivated and is a very rare ability in today’s Toyota diagnostics landscape. This is perhaps the most important information you can take away from this.

I am more than happy because standard diagnostic for Toyota needed an update for a long time. The whirlpool of special functions had us in a deadlock – once you add one car, you want to add the next and so on. This leaves you with no time for the basics and standard diagnostics was all but forgotten. Finally, we have a much-improved Toyota diagnostic tool which plays to all the strengths of the Abrites Diagnostics for Toyota as a whole.

Until next week, my friends! I hope you manage to enjoy life.

Happy 18th Birthday, Abrites!