Spring (Promo) Into Gear

It’s that time again, SPRING PROMO time! This year we have called the promo “Spring into gear” and the reason for that is that we want you to hit the ground running, so to speak. So clutch in, into first, throttle down and dump the left foot!

 In light of the recent additions to the base package AVDI we have created a special package to make the most of the licenses included in the base package. There will still be additional hardware you need to purchase to use absolutely all of it but is the best compromise between price and total coverage. The fact that we have a wonderful package for our new customers does not in any way mean that we are forgetting our loyal existing customers. We have you guys in mind too, we want to give you the best possible offers as well. This is why we have up to 40% and starting at 20% discounts for individual licenses and packages for you too. There are plenty of combinations you can make to suit your personal needs. It is also allows you to have multiple AVDI interfaces with different sets of licenses in order to expand your business in multiple diagnosticians working at the same time on multiple vehicles.

Here is what you can get:

ABRITES Software solutions at -20% - this means that individual licenses can now be bought at an attractive price for the days of our Spring Promo

Full brand functionality packages at -40% with every AVDI purchase! (e.g. all licenses for BMW, Mercedes-Benz, VAG, Toyota, and more!) – Like I mentioned – these are the best possible package deals you can get for packages.

Basic AVDI at only 850 EUR (1088 EUR) – Simple, basic jump into the world of automotive diagnostics with the best possible tool out there.

Extended AVDI hardware package at only 1999 EUR containing the right tools for the job! – Here is the tool I was telling you about in the introduction section – make the most of the licenses you are already purchasing.

200 EUR worth of software with every AVDI purchase (basic or extended pack)!

Offers are valid only from 19 to 28 April 2024 in our online shop.

Order the latest licenses for Mercedes-Benz, FCA, Ford, Toyota, and tens of brands now at -20%!

Our innovative solutions await! See the latest and greatest licenses released by the ABRITES team:

MN034 - FBS4 Personalization Expert: the only available solution for personalization of ALL virgin modules from the FBS4 generation of Mercedes DAS

MN035 - VGS4-NAG2 FBS4 Virgin/Personalization via ABPROG: Setting to virgin state and personalization of VGS4-NAG2 7G-Tronic TCU of the FBS4/DAS4 generation via ABPROG

FN024 - Key Learning by RH850 Dump for FCA Vehicles: Prepare and program Atmel-type keys for FCA vehicles

FR011 - Key learning by RH850 dump for Ford vehicles (2021+): Key programming for the latest models 2021+ of the brand, equipped with RH850 processors

TN015 - Key programming for 2020+ Toyota vehicles with BA DST-AES keys: Spare key programming and ALL KEYS LOST

TN016 - Key programming 2022+ Lexus vehicles with B9 DST-AES keys: Spare key programming and ALL KEYS LOST

Along with hot software deals, this time we present a new hardware package: AVDI Extended pack! This powerful set of tools gives you the ability to work with various brands of vehicles, such as Toyota, Mercedes-Benz, Renault and many, many more. The AVDI Extended Pack contains the following equipment:

AVDI - ABRITES Vehicle Diagnostic Interface

ZN003 - PROTAG Key and Transponder Programmer

ZN051 - ABRITES Distribution Box

ZN076 - USB IR Adapter

TA52 - Universal BGA Mercedes-Benz key (433/315 MHz)

ZN030 - ABPROG Programmer

ZN039-2 - Toyota Transponder Emulator

ZN069 - Toyota mechanical key (H-type) adapter set

TA36 - DST 40bit/DST+ 80bit Electronic key head

CB012 - Direct CAN-BUS Connection Cable Set

EM001 - ESL Emulator for Mercedes

ATC01 - ABRITES Tough Case - Small size

Using these tools, you can program keys, adapt modules, and perform ECU-related procedures for a nearly unlimited range of vehicles. If you are a specialist in a certain task, now is the time to get the suitable license at -20% only during the promo! This way, you get all the hardware and required software at a bargain!

Also, check out the Basic AVDI Top offer! Now you get the ABRITES Vehicle Diagnostics Interface at 850 EUR and the chance to shop Full brand functionality license sets at -40%! We are talking all ABRITES software licenses for BMW, for example, or Mercedes-Benz, Hyundai/KIA or VAG vehicles!

Order an AVDI pack - basic or extended and receive a voucher for 200 EUR worth of software licenses! The voucher can be used between 15 May and 30 July 2024.

Shop now! Up your game and spring into gear with ABRITES!