I have always had a soft spot for the Micra. After all my first car ever was a K11 Super S. I honestly thought it was the best thing ever. 90s to the brim, green dials on the cluster, colourful inserts on the "sports" seats, 1.3 litres of pure fury and high school cool. I was over the moon with this car and it left a mark. As many cars as I bought after that I always kept coming back to that car in my mind. It is safe to say I have a soft spot for the Micra/ March name.

So, every time a new function comes out related to that car, it pulls this very string we all know would get your juices flowing. I keep thinking though, why do we even have this array of cars - if it were up to me we would have small town cars like the Micra, then we would have sedans for the family (wagons if you need more space) and serious off roaders for your agricultural or mountaineering needs. On the other hand, you have the endless sea of endless crossovers and pointless cars trying to be something they are not just because the customers want to have an SUV-ish car, but also a city car and maybe have some more space but not quite and so on and so forth. That is just me, though, the consumer is always right and automotive manufacturers are there to oblige them.

That being said, I had some time with the Kicks last year and, sadly, enjoyed it :(
It is a great car and serves its purpose very well. I am sure it will become more popular with young people and those looking for a city crossover.
This leads me neatly to the NN007 special function and the fact that Micra/ March K14 and Kicks are supported for key programming directly, by OBD and it is accessible for everyone who has the NN007 and active AMS. The platform has been supported for over a year and I am sure you didn't know. Well not only do we cover it, you probably already have that, so just like the cars themselves, it is probably time for you to dust the NN007 off and go program some keys.
You can check out the video our friends the AVDI FAN Team prepared for this functionality below. Be sure to also to read all about the Abrites Diagnostics for Nissan and Infiniti vehicles.