ALL Toyota functionality by ABRITES at 50 % OFF, including the full software package!
We find ourselves in the month of February now. We survived January and when February comes, we start looking forward to Spring and love and all the wonderful things we believe await us in the upcoming year. It has always been that way, ever since humans started walking on two feet we were always enamored with the concept of Spring and love and the birds and the bees and trees and grass.

We are a loving bunch and with a few minor exceptions we all want the same thing – we want peace and love and prosperity for our friends and family and live a stress-free life with those we love and cherish. We do not want to go to war with each other- at our core we are so much more the same than we are different, we want the same things as our neighbor, no matter their color, tradition, or faith. Speaking of faith, each one since the Sumerians (possibly before them) has a tradition of celebrating the coming of spring and celebrating love and prosperity. In the current world we consider that to be Valentine’s Day. Possibly because it is right in the middle of February and is a tradition long held by the western world. Nevertheless, it is a wonderful celebration, albeit slightly commercialized by shopping malls and flower shops all over the world. It is, in its core, something sacred, take a moment to appreciate the person closest to you, take a moment to surprise them and tell them you are in love with them still. What I also tend to do on Valentine’s Day is take a moment to appreciate the people around me in all forms – from the members of my family to the people I work with daily. Abrites has been more than a home to me for the past eleven years, I have worked here more than I have anywhere else, and I feel so comfortable here because I have become a small cog, Richard Hammond, in its machine. But don’t take this the wrong way – I do not feel the monotonous thud of a machine, no, I am a proud cog, a small one which turns into a larger one. This week’s topic has slightly turned into a confession but trust me – there is a method to this madness. I am telling you this because as love sets in during February, we want to do something for those we cherish and reinstate a tradition we had done a couple of times in the past – the ability to have sales on some of our specific products many times a year so that we can help out those of you who need to purchase a tool from us but do not have the means to do so at the moment. We are kicking this tradition with a love month sale called “Love at first key” and we want to focus on Toyota and Lexus this time around. The reason for this is that we honestly believe we have the best tool for the job. Before I tell you about the conditions of the sale, I want to take a moment to discuss that there is no one promo that can satisfy everyone. We know well that there are those of you who have bought these sets at full price and will subsequently be unhappy with the fact that some people will be able to get the software at half the price. This is something we understand but we want to remind you that the moment you bought them there was no one else in the world who could cover the cars we supplied you with a solution to at the time. Another thing we need to tell you about is that the discount codes you got from black Friday cannot be combined with this sale. We would also like to mention that the Toyota sale is just the beginning of the promo sales this year. We will have many others at discounted prices, and we will just start with Toyota/ Lexus. So, after a longer than expected interlude and housekeeping out the way we can now share what you can expect to see using the “Love at first key” sale:

TN009 - ID Code-Box Reset
TN014 - Key programming for 2020+ Toyota vehicles (BA HT-AES)
TN015 - Key programming for 2020+ Toyota vehicles (BA DST-AES)
TN016 - Key programming 2022+ Lexus vehicles (B9 DST-AES key)

This software, used together with the adjacent hardware and an AVDI interface with a valid AMS will allow you to program keys and reset ID code boxes (replace immo related modules) for all Toyota and Lexus vehicles produced up to 2023 and even some from 2024 (for example the second-generation CH-R and the derivatives). I have written extensive blog posts on what and how you can use the working search engine within the blog page to search what you can use the licenses for.

There is also a hardware kit to solve all your Toyota diagnostic needs. Abrites Vehicle Diagnostic Software for Toyota/ Lexus is the absolute solution for any key or module replacement related issues including the world’s first ID code box reset completely by OBD and you can now get it at half price, starting today, February 5, 2024 until February 20th 2024.

Enjoy, everyone and I will see you again on Friday. Until then – try to have fun at work!