Those of you who have been customers of Abrites for more than 3-4 years will certainly remember the VN004 license. This is a license which eventually evolved into EP001 which now took over many of the tuning and module replacement duties.

There are, however, many features which were introduced with the VN004 that you guys really need. VN004 is now part of the VAG full package because otherwise it will not be fair towards our existing customers. For new customers we will continue offering all its abilities under the EP001 license.

First, let me start by saying that the VN004 supports the MED17/ EDC17 ECUs equipped with the following Tricore processor types:
 • TC1766
 • TC1767
 • TC1782
 • TC1796
 • TC1793 (chronologically this is the last Tricore released in these ECUs)
 • TC1797

The way we support EDC 17/ MED 17 ECUs under the VN004 is complete reading by BOOT mode, you can do the following:
 • Read and write Pflash
 • Read and write Dflash
 • Read and write External flash (if the ECU is equipped with it)
 • Read PIN
 • Read CS (Component Security)
 • Perform IMMO OFF
 • Repair the CRC of the Pflash

Another really cool feature the VN004 comes with is the ability to successfully clone any of the supported ECUs. For the complete and seamless integration of a cloned ECU you will need to have the Pflash and Dflash of both the donor and recipient ECUs, these are then loaded into the software which calculates a new combined file for you to write back to the donor ECU. The software will do all the work, all you need to do is write the resulting file back in.
On top of all that we are able to modify the values of the EDC17/MED17 ECUs to be able to match the car because the donor may have different readings as the donor car may have more or less kilometers/ miles than the original recipient vehicle.

This is one of the best solutions for VAG based Skoda, Volkswagen, Audi, Seat cars but to be brutally honest with you when you combine this with an included function in all the base AVDI packages where you can do DPF OFF for all EDC17 ECUs by dump (yes, you can do that right now and it is all paid for already).

So yes, everyone with the full VAG package can benefit from the VN004 which on its own is good enough bonus for anyone still on the fence for the package.
I know we often get criticized for not taking care of the existing Abrites customers by giving more features to them but according to the brief check I did more than 1,000 people will be able to benefit from VN004 and all its abilities right away. For all connection purposes you can use your existing the ZN051 Distribution Box or just get one from this here link:

At the end of today’s blog post I can only ask you to stay healthy and keep trying to have fun at work.