I have to stop basing my blogs around films.

But as any cinephile would attest films reflect our reality and the 2006 Spike Lee classic – Inside man is just another representation of just that. A couple of months ago, after more than ten years at the Abrites Support Team I was promoted to senior customer success expert. At the time I was still heavily invested in doing support things, so I never got the time to properly explain to you guys what it is that the customer success person actually does.



So, let’s start with me.

I’m Alek, 34, I have been with Abrites since December 2012 and I have always been involved with customer service, before Abrites I have worked as a customer support trainer, specialist and throughout my job has always been to be good with customers. I have studied industrial design (never finished) and am a true automotive enthusiast. My current job description contains the following – prioritize customer needs, build a long-lasting relationship with customers, ensure that customers are satisfied with the products, develop new customer focused strategies, and assist customers. Basically, everything that would lead you guys to success using Abrites products. I also have free reign over my blog so if I wake up one morning, I could post a picture of a duck and write “duck, duck, duck…” and this will get published. Pretty cool, huh? I use this soap box for different purposes, though – I like to tell you about new products, if I believe something is cool, I will tell you about it. Since I no longer work on solving urgent customer problems as a support team member, I can spare the time to do a second blog post every week. In this Monday blog post I basically talk about things outside Abrites products and do it for fun. This week I want you to know why I am here, as self-indulgent as it may seem.

The job description I posted above pretty much sums it up, but does it really? – I’d argue – no. Here is why. I am really passionate about working with people and those who know me will tell you – I am as loyal as a dog to Abrites and mostly our company’s CEO. He found me in a really tough spot and gave me a chance to grow when I was nobody with zero knowledge of automotive diagnostics. Over the years at Abrites I have built many friendships on the inside but also with a lot of people outside our organization – our customers. I cannot explain it but I have always been fascinated with the relationship between companies and customers and the people who mitigate this same relationship – the brokers if you will. Now, after ten years I am at a place where ironically I am both stepping down from actual problem solving duty but growing ever closer to the people who make Abrites – our customers. I have more time to go on forums, chat to people, get on chat groups and be deeply involved with our community. I also do training for the newcomers at Abrites, organize courses together with my colleagues and conduct them all over the globe. I film YouTube videos and write my blog. But most of all…




This is where the role of an inside man comes into play. My job is one thing, but my passion is to make the relationship between Abrites and its customers – regardless old or new customer be the best it could possibly be and, in my mind, the only way to do that is for us to create the best product we possibly can for any need you possibly have. The reality is that this is not always achievable. We try but it is not always possible to perform the supercomputer calculations needed to get you FBS4 key learning or MLB all keys lost or whatever the current most interesting market thing is. We are chipping away at both of these, by the way, but let’s not get carried away.  I have a deep fascination with mythology – from the flood myths to the Babylonians, from Greek mythology to the Old Norse, and everything in between.
I think what best describes what the customer success guy does can be described with an old Norse expression commonly used in law today –
umboð. So this person is a representative of the people – someone who’s job is to provide insight about an organization, stand up for the rights of the people and represent their needs to the company they work for the good of the common man and establish the relationship between them and the company. So this is what I am most passionate about – this is my real goal for the next ten years at Abrites – build a relationship with every person using our products – get your feedback about what you want to see as a product from us and establish a better relationship with as many of you as possible. So how can you get in touch with me to share any of that? I am your man and you can find me here:


I am here to answer your questions and assist, also represent your needs. I started AVDI FAN to help you with video tutorials and I will now have more time to grow this platform so that more people can use it and get help from it, I want to create a knowledge base for you guys but most of all I want to be like Jules Winnfield from 1994 Quentin Tarantino classic – Pulp fiction – Your man in Inglewood… Ah, damn… again with the movie references.



P.S. I wanted a cool image of Jules diagnosing a car for the end of this blog so instead of tormenting our design team I asked AI, this is what came out. I think it is safe to say we are pretty far from the takeover since AI managed to make the coolest cat uncool and the greatest job a bore.

See you next week,