Well, yet another year flew past us, and I could swear the days are constantly getting shorter as we get older. Abrites turned eighteen. It is old enough to drive now, the blog charted at number one this year and yet another Winter promo blew past us (congratulations to those of you who managed to take advantage of the deals we had, they were awesome…). As this year inches towards its natural conclusion, I find myself reflecting and thinking about what we did this year. If ever there was such a thing as word of the year, I would say that it was the V850/RH850 programmer (ZN085). We had the programmer ready for a while when we were hit with the news that our competitors were about to release it, we had to come out guns blazing and from the outside it looked like we were playing catch up. However we were creating a whole ecosystem behind the tool – all the licenses for MQB, the absolute killer solution for the Fords, all the various Hands free module solutions for Renault- these are bespoke functions nobody cared to even think about and instead of offering a cash- grab programmer like some of our colleagues did we decided to offer a complete solution for reading and writing V850s and RH850s with ready functionality for multiple brands which is created to actually help people like you – those who need a working, comprehensive and reliable tool.


The latest part of this ecosystem is the FN024 – a function dedicated to the best brand when it comes to electronics (smug implied irony) – FIAT. Listen, if we were talking about two-liter, four cylinder, rev happy twin cam engines I would certainly go straight to FIAT and the Lampredi engine on carbs, with a set of fire breathing monster cams by Colombo & Bariani, but when it comes to electronics… I mean My mom’s 3-year-old, one careful lady owner, 500 managed to throw in the towel at 39,000km yesterday during the Wednesday morning rush hour traffic. As much as Stelantis have improved on the quality of wiring in Turin and their subsidiaries the fact remains that Italian wiring and German children’s books are just not what you want – to me they are the bottom shelf of the supermarket, no-name brand palm oil cream you don’t want to get.

What we made in terms of the FN024 is the ability to program a key for any RH850 Italian BCM which uses an Atmel style key – such cars include the 500E and the new Tonale but also the facelifted Giulia and Stelvio which also use the same key type. The FN024 will certainly require the ZN085 ABRITES RH850/V850 Programmer, and will join the super hits such as the NN010, RR026, FR011 and VN021 in the group of outstanding licenses which compliment the ZN085. It is a great way to end the year on a high note with new developments. We have fought long and hard to get around the 500E conundrum and the Rh850 programmer is finally here to unlock the doors for all current and future developments.
How does it work? It is a “by dump” procedure which means that like the RR026 you need to read the dump from the security module and load it into the software in order to program Atmel keys. Now we are well aware that keys are hard to find and don’t come up for sale very often, especially when talking about new, virgin keys but we are also working to solve that too. I will update you the moment we are ready with a solution.
All of these clever licenses are there to make your life easier and offer more than just a code reader for you. We have been creating a multi dot map solving the great mysteries of automotive diagnostic problems.

From my ranting above you may have come to the wrong conclusion that I dislike FIAT, but to paraphrase the Bulgarian poet Nikola Vaptsarov – “But do not, you think that I hate FIAT, on contraire, on contraire”. They were great once and now they are good for business. Passion is left aside now as it is with all major manufacturers but that is expected. Although I am certain that will not change because most vehicle owners these days wish to drive a melted soap looking crossover rather than an Abarth 131 but as the Romans Said “Dum spiro spero”. Until next week, my dear friends.