Every time I write a blog post I always talk about functionality – everything which is new, things we are the only ones who do, and procedures we are better than others in. The one thing I do not often talk about is the sheer diversity of our main tool. There is a freedom to AVDI which nobody talks about that we need to address because I do not think it is understood. This is because AVDI and the Abrites Diagnostic Software are so diverse that they have competitors in all fields – key programming, module replacement, coding, tuning… Everything. But what we do not have are a competitor in our entirety. A big part of that in my opinion is the fact that we are so diverse. Our development team is dedicated to creating the “everything tool”. Based on the logic that you cannot ever use only one tool, but if there is one tool you can use this tool has to be AVDI. This diversity must not be confused with Jack of all trades but master of none. Instead we strive to be masters of all trades – let’s break it down – if you are a locksmith – you have the cutting edge of key programming here, if you are a diagnostician – you have all module replacement, programming and coding you will ever need, if you are a tuner – you have all the reading and writing of flashes, EEPROMs and MAPS as any other company. On top of that you have the unique offerings we provide – the incomparable VAG and BMW tools or the single most developed FBS4 Mercedes system in the world. As this all-confirmed truth, I think it is time now to show you some tips on how you can create a tool to suit your personal needs.  Here is how we can build the AVDI exactly to our specifications:

I.  There are those people who buy everything we have and then they update to the so-called FMS which is always full licenses, and they automatically get everything we ever create.
This is wonderful and we admire these people unequivocally. This is not a luxury all of us have however.

So let me give you a few ways you can start thinking about AVDI and what you can do:

II.  AVDI according to your professional field:

Let’s start by taking a look from the perspective of the locksmith as for good or bad AVDI has always been associated with key programming tools. Many of the people using our tool are in fact locksmiths so it is a good place to start. When you get your AVDI you can choose only the licenses you are going to use for key programming.
But what if you own a workshop where you do diagnostic work – where you replace modules for multiple brands – we have you covered too. You can structure just the makes you work on and you can have just what you need without any additional weight.

III. According to the brand you work on:
What about the specialists by brand – let’s say you work on just the one brand. Let’s say you have a BMW workshop or a Mercedes workshop or whichever brand you work on. But you can do everything for just this one brand.

IV. What if you are a tuner?
We are here to help you – you can get the EP0XX packages and you will be able to read and write any ECU or TCU the world has to offer.

V. If you are wondering what the basic AVDI, for just over 1000 Euro gives you – please join us on June 13 HERE or August 14 HERE to learn more about how you get 20,000 + Euro worth of licenses for a little more than 1000.