I. Fill her up and watch the paintwork!

Picture the scene: Early morning, just before sunrise, on a dark desert highway, as “The Eagles” once said. You have been driving your favorite muscle car towards your holiday all night long and you see the lights of a petrol station in the distance. You still have a quarter left, but you decide to stop and fill up anyway. Now, suddenly, the night shift worker wakes up and tells you that you are in luck, and five minutes ago petrol became half price until the end of August.
Well, we are offering you a similar thing this summer but on a much larger scale right in the heart of the holiday season (you know that’s where you get the best bang for buck offers). Starting on August 4th and ending on September 3rd, the Abrites Summer Jam is on.

I will play the role of the petrol station attendant and the website will be the petrol station. I am here to tell you that you can now get a quote to complete all the software in your AVDI to a full software package and an unbelievable price. Just get in touch with my colleagues from the and teams with the serial number of your 1971 Plymouth Hemi Cuda, I mean AVDI serial number and receive a quote.

The focus of the Abrites Summer Jam this year will be on our long-term existing customers. Those who have spent most with us will get the best deals and we will be delighted to attend to your needs. Please get in touch. If you are one of the people who recently bought a full package from us, we will make sure to do a special offer on our “Always full” package.

II. Ready for your holiday.
Now that we have filled up and some of us have even gotten themselves a pre-paid petrol card it is time to enjoy the rest of our holiday knowing that we have invested some of our hard-earned cash in a tool that will be very useful and will start refilling (no pun intended) our wallets the moment we get back from our holiday. A great investment in the future of your business and we are right here for you. No need to keep waiting for special offers twice a year, here is your summer super sale. Vacation Vanchi mode activated.

III. Summer Jams are usually concert festivals where a bunch of cool bands gather to play their best music as well as the new tracks they have been working on throughout the past year. There are Summer Jam festivals all over the globe, from Cologne to New York, from Bangladesh to Johannesburg, From Sidney to Reykjavik and they become concentrated spot of all the best of different styles of music and backgrounds to jam together. This is why I think there is not a name more befitting of what we are doing with our summer sale this year. Everything all together combines our greatest hits and our latest updates to provide you with an unforgettable experience where you will be able to have all of AVDI and all our software to pick and choose what you like best. Also, with the “always full” package you will never again have to wonder whether you have the license to do the next car or not.

So, before you head out with your bags all packed – get in touch with us and get your Summer Jam quote! Oh, almost forgot The Underdog Project’s 2000 classic:

Get on the floor!
Put your hands up!
Put your hands up!
Put your hands up!…