It is that time of the year again. In the words of the Great Willie Nelson Abrites is going "On the road again"!

Autumn slowly starts to sweep across Europe and it is time for us to attend our favorite shows to show you guys all of our new developments, meet many of you and basically emerse ourselves in the Automotive specialist culture. I personally have a very special place in my heart for the exhibition season. On the one hand, I am away from my family and friends. but on the other hand it bonds me with my colleagues, as usually we are the ones putting up the stands, staying late arranging cars on the stand and testing our software in the last possible moment, the morining before the exhibition starts. It is challenging and takes its toll on your body and mind but at the same time it gives you the chance to see old friends, partners come to visit, long term customers visit us often, new customers interested in our products and we get to be with all those people to tell us what they like and don't like about our products. All in it is exhausting but absolutely worth it for me. Plus, we get to eat local food and sometimes go for a walk around the cities we visit.

My first month at Abrites back in 2012 was the month this started for me, we went to Madrid to help our local partners. I knew nothing back then, but boy was it exciting. I have so many fond memories from attending shows.

My favourite part, however is the fact that during our exhibitions we are showing off our latest developments so it will certainly be interesting. Let me tell you what we debuted when while I was part of Abrites. Providing solutions to problems you guys have, making live demonstrations on actual vehicles.

2013 Equip Auto - This was our debut on a large scale event where we had our own stand, 6-7 cars - we showed off our Porsche key programming for the vehicles with the Motorola 9S12 MCU in the front BCM, we showed off all our latest PSA and Renault key programming where we were first once again and last but not least - the official debut of the Abrites Online platform with the BMW.


2015 Equip Auto - the debut of the DAS manager. To this day there is no solution which works better for Mercedes.

2017 Bologna - This was a time to establish, we had the Italian office beginning to be setup, we were well known in the industry and we wanted to make a splash - so there it was - BMW F series, DAS3 Mercedes, Fiat 500x, Audi A1 and the SMART 453 all keys lost - all solutions our competitors were only dreaming of at that time - we were there to show the World that there was no other tool to compete with us. We had everything our customers needed and showed there.

2019 Autopromotec and Equip Auto is where we showed the FBS4 features for renewal of transmissions and ECUs for Mercedes - again we were the first there; MQB key programming.

2022 Autopromotec was once again a time to show off all of our new stuff and we tried not to disappoint you. I hate to repeat myself but we were the first to do:

- Toyota Corolla and Camry key programming for all keys lost for vehicles after 2020;

- BMW CAS4 by OBD, BMW default coding and FULL, complete support for all BMW E and F series;

- Latest Hyundai/ KIA key programming;

- FIAT (FCA) key programming for all keys lost with secure gateway, demonstrated with a Jeep Compass 2021;

- Mercedes Actros 2016+ Key programming and full DAS manager;


- Carmon remote diagnostics and fleet management

This is just a part of what I remember, we exhibit on all major shows and this year you can expect to see us at the Automechanika Frankfurt and the Equpiauto in Paris where, of course you will see all of the above and more. I will not tell you what we have planned so you will have to come and see for yourself. Not just that - you will also have another opportuning which we haven't spoken about. Namely you will have access to our special prices and package offers.

So, to conclude today's blog I can only say that we have a lot to show and offer you but you will have to be there to see it. Join us at:

Automechanika Frankfurt - 13-17 September, Hall 8.0, stand A45
Automotive Locksmith Convention 2022 - 24-25 September, Symposium Center, Rome
Equip Auto Paris - 18-22 October, Hall 1, stand 094

I personally look forward to my "satisfying exhaustion" because I will be with you guys, we will talk and you will see our great new developments. Hey, who knows - maybe we will have a new solution for you.

You guys take care while go find a comfortable pair of Nikes. Meanwhile, you can take a minute for a short survey about the blog HERE. I will highly appreciate your feedback on the articles!