Personal data consent

As a Consumer of Abrites products/services I am aware and I do agree Abrites Ltd and all its affiliates and subsidiaries (together "Abrites") tocollect, process and analyze my personal data – names, address, telephone number, e-mail.This informationis collected by Abrites for the purposesof my participation in AVDI FULL SET TRIAL FOR FREE Promotion. 

I am also notified that Abrites devices can read out data from the vehicles - hex files, error codes, vin No., log files and other technical data, which in some cases may be referred to the category of personal data. My device collects information about vehicle behavior, identification number of the vehicle and vehicle technical parameters - which is the main task of Abrites software and hardware.

Furthermore, I can use on-line features with Abrites where I connect to Abrites servers in Bulgaria. I am aware that Abrites puts all its efforts for establishing a secure and highly protected on-line connection, as well as the fact that my technical data is accessed by Abrites professionals only. In some cases, it is possible for Abrites to reveal technical information about the vehicle before investigation institutions.

Abrites would process all the above mentioned information as long as I am Abrites’ client. Longer processing would be on legitimate grounds only.

I declare that I have read Abrites Privacy Policy and I am aware of the ways Abrites process and keeps my personal data, as well as of: 

- my right to access to my personal data;

- my right to request updating and or correction;

- my right to request deletion;

- my right to request limitation of the processing (including profiling);

- my right to data portability;

- my right to object to processing in a particular way and for certain purposes (automated profiling);

I am aware that I can exercise these rights by sending an e-mail to

I am also aware of the right to complain before the local Commission for Personal Data Protection.