The ABRITES diagnostic software for Suzuki is a competent tool, developed for the professionals who need a reliable and user-friendly automotive solution to all their needs.  



Standard diagnostic capabilities of the Abrites software for Suzuki include reading and clearing diagnostic trouble codes, live data monitoring and actuator tests, which help detect the reason for the faults, as well as module identification. These functionalities are commonly referred to as basic diagnostics and are almost identical for all standard Abrites diagnostics.



Currently, the Abrites software offers key programming for Suzuki Grand Vitara and Swift, manufactured between 2005 and 2008. The procedure is user-friendly and effortless, as our team always puts top user experience as the highest goal. 

Supported models for Key programming at the moment are:

  • Grand Vitara 2005-2008

  • Swift 2005-2008


Screen shots:


Suzuki1 Suzuki2