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Abrites together with our Italian team are happy to announce that we now have an office open in Italy!

Abrites Italy organizes a free 2-day training course in Italy, news and use of the Hardware and Software Abrites products

The course will be held in Chioggia (Venice) on 29-30 September 2018.

The issues addressed with Abrites technicians and car simulation platforms will be inherent

programming modules and keys of Mercedes, Bmw, Vag, Fiat, Psa, Renault, Ford etc.

We are also organizing agreements with area hotels to facilitate your stay.

For those interested in participating, contact us at our office number in Chioggia (Ve) 041/405048.

A registration form will also be available soon.

Special discounts will be reserved for all participants.

You can find us at the following contacts for sales, support and information in Italy:

Abrites Italy SRL

Via Borgo San Giovanni 2/2

30015 Chioggia (VE)

+39 041 40 50 48