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The Abrites ecosystem consists of hardware and software products, working seamlessly together in order to offer you efficiency and reliability. We believe we have found the optimal formula to present to you versatile, flexible and ever-evolving products. Recently the Abrites Team has launched a few incredibly useful special functions, regarding various automotive tasks, such as key programming and module adaptation. Read more on the special functions TN009JL005NN007PN019 below.


The TN009 is the latest Abrites special function, representing ground-breaking functionality. Users who own TN009 are able to execute ID Code Box reset in ALL Toyota, Lexus and Scion vehicles, including those manufactured after 2018 and containing an ID Code Box without an external EEPROM. This functionality significantly shortens the time for completing key programming and Smart System module replacement tasks (we are talking getting the job done in mere minutes!), and renders them easy to deal with. For example, when programming a key to vehicles produced after 2018, users will no longer have to replace the whole set of ID Code Box, Smart System and keys. With TN009, one can perform ID Code Box reset and replace only the Smart System module even with a second-hand one (with available keys). It is also very useful in case the Smart System needs changing due to a defect. Please note that the TN009 special function does not cover key programming. 


The JL005 special function is designed to offer key programming solutions for the latest Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles, manufactured after 2018. Along with the software solution goes its hardware counterpart - the TA57 key. The key works at 433 MHz frequency and is programmed in under a minute, using JL005, AVDI and ZN002 PROTAG programmer completely by OBDII. The 315 MHz version of the key will be ready and available in our online shop and through our distributor network very soon. This function can be used to program a key in ALL KEYS LOST situations or add a spare key. 


The NN007 special function is dedicated to key programming in Nissan Micra K14 and Nissan Kicks vehicles completely by OBDII. No PIN codes needed! Our PIN and Key Manager allows programming mechanical and proximity keys, is great at solving ALL KEYS LOST situations and also offers adding keys to vehicles with 22-digit prePIN and 20-digit PIN codes. NN007 is a uniquely valuable function, since it conveniently supports all the vehicles the PIN and Key Manager supported beforehand. See a full list of supported vehicles in the online shop HERE.


The Abrites special function PN019 allows advanced coding configuration in all models of Peugeot and Citroen vehicles and units, even those manufactured after 2016. Be sure to check it out, if you frequently work with PSA vehicles!


These latest Abrites functions are proof that we are always on the hunt for innovation, cutting-edge solutions and flexibility. The Abrites Team works tirelessly to achieve the impossible and we are proud to say that our solutions are unrivalled in the aftermarket field. Stay tuned for more news soon!