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Today we would like to discuss the BN012 Abrites special function. It is well known as a function which helps users obtain the ISN for all keys lost situations but it also takes care of Retrofits, coding, programming. 

As is often the case we need to start by getting our terminology straight. So the word of the day will be Retrofit; add (a component or accessory) to something that did not have it when manufactured. The Abrites software for BMW and AVDI can enable enthusiasts perform various retrofitting procedures, and here's an example.
Let's say you need to upgrade several modules in order to upgrade to NBT EVO navigational system in older E series cars.

Here is what you would need in general:
1. AVDI Interface.
2. Special function BN012.
3. Internet access.

What are the benefits?

You can change the vehicle order of a car using this set. A vehicle order (VO) is a sort of build sheet for the particular car – this is a list of all the standard and optional equipment installed in this vehicle. We can modify this particular list of equipment by OBD.

Usually, OEM tools, as well as all most aftermarket tools, can only perform programming on the whole car. If you want to update or return to a previous version of the software in one or two units, and you do not have 14 hours to let the programming go through all the modules in the car and perform programming for them in a huge bulk, the Abrites ecosystem comes to the rescue. If you need to upgrade only one module and the system needs you to do the whole car, you can save precious time using AVDI.
Furthermore, we have our own flash file (programming) database which is independent and regularly updated. The Abrites Diagnostics for BMW online also selects the files for your module automatically, and also gives you options to choose from if you are an advanced user. A great example for that is the following:
You are located in Europe, you have an E60 M5 with SMG to work with. Your customer has bought a manual transmission from an American M5, the car starts but cannot be moved. With the help of programming you can program the DME and CAS in the car to expect a manual car without having to purchase DMEs. In the end, your customer will be satisfied with the time saved and well-done job, and will most likely come back to you in the future. You can choose a version of the installed modules to accept the car’s new transmission.

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