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Hello everyone, in our blog we would like to give all of you a better understanding of the inner workings of the Abrites Diagnostic Software. 

Let's take the Abrites Diagnostics for BMW key programming for a start. We are going to go through the generations and the needed options for each one. We will also try to explain the specific terms BMW use so as to enable you to understand the system and its philosophy better.

To begin with here is a brief history of the Vehicle Protection Systems in BMW.

The First steps BMW made to protect and immobilize their vehicles takes us back to 1987 where they made the OBC Immobilizer (On Board Computer) system when they created a code system where if you selected a code in the car and you did not enter it when you tried to start the car a relay in the DME (Digital Motor Electronics) would not start the car. This system was carried through to 1992.

After that came the first generation of the EWS (Electroniche Wegfahrsperre) or Electronic Drive Away Protection. The generations are EWS – 1993; EWS-I – 1994; EWS- II – 1996…
These generations became progressively more complex in their operation. BMW then created the EWS- III in 1999.



EWS-III cars are supported by Abrites. What you need to have in order to program a key to such a car is the following:
- AVDI interface
- ZN055 EWSIII adapter for ABPROG
- ZN062 DC power adapter 12V/ 0.5A
The ZN055 allows you to read the dump from the EWS module and then load it onto your computer from where you can use PROTAG and the Abrites software to program the key.

The next generations BMW introduced are more complicated and they are called CAS
(Car Access System). There are generally four generations of CAS modules. They spread the information related to starting the cars in different modules.


  CAS1/2/3/3+ BY OBD for BMW and MINI


The first generations of CAS (CAS1- 3+) are supported completely by OBD (On Board Diagnostics). Here is what you need:
- AVDI interface
- Special function BN010
- Special function BN012 (required for all keys lost situations)
For the purpose of the presentation we will be focusing on the CAS3 and CAS3+ cars.
Both CAS3 and CAS3+ cars have similar procedures. The only difference is the ISN (Individual Serial Number) contained in the DME/ DDE (Digital Motor Electronics and Digital Diesel Motor Electronics).
Both keyless and non-keyless keys are supported.

1. Adding a key to the existing key count.
In this situation you need can read the working key and be allowed to program another key to the existing key count.

2. All keys lost.
In these situations you will be required to read the ISN from the DME/DDE and for this reason you will need to have the BN012 Special Function as per the above. You need to reprogram the version of the DME/ DDE to get access to the ISN. This is commonly known as
The most common representatives of this generations of CAS are the E90, E60, E70...


  CAS4/EWS4 (installed in BMW cars and BMW motorcycles)


Once again this function supports the cars by OBD even when all keys are lost.
For these cars you will need to have the following:
- AVDI interface
- Special function BN012 (for all keys lost)
- Special function BN013
The procedure is simple as long as you follow the instructions exactly as the software gives them to you.
The procedure is quite similar for bikes and cars. Please note that as these cars are now moving towards the aftermarket more and more as their warranties have expired we are going to see more and more of them going to the independent workshops and this is an outstanding investment for you.
Typical representatives of the CAS4 generation are F01, F10, F25, and so on.


  FEM/BDC BMW/Rolls Royce


Front Electric Module and Body Domain Controller systems are even more complicated than all the previous systems installed in BMW vehicles. Here is what you need to program keys for FEM BDC cars:

- AVDI interface
- Special function BN012 (for all keys lost)
- Special function BN013

Please bear in mind that this procedure is a bit more complicated, so follow the on-screen instructions offered by the software itself for guaranteed results. 

Typical representatives are the F20, F30, and others.
HERE is our detailed instruction on how to do this.



At this point you can use original BMW keys and good quality aftermarket keys for E and F series vehicles.

We are happy to keep everything as clear as possible in order to allow you to work freely with as many options as possible and with as little restrictions as possible. Please note that we have options to renew certain E and F series keys using ABPROG. Also, the Abrites software and hardware allow you to reuse keys you have programmed with AVDI.
Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or you need more information on any of the topics above.

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Do suggest what topic you would like to see discussed in the blog. In our next installment you will be able to learn more about module replacement in BMW E and F series with a special attention to the 6 HP and 8 HP ZF transmission control modules. Until then – stay safe and have fun with your work.

Make sure to consult the manual HERE.

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