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So, Toyota key programming. Our TN008 software is the latest software for Toyota/ Lexus key programming. We need to address the pricing first. People think the function is just for mechanical H keys key programming which is NOT TRUE. The TN008 actually covers all previously supported Toyota models which basically means that the this is a ONE STOP solution for all Toyota/ Lexus/ Scion models key programming since the 1990s up to the mechanical H keys of 2020. When you look at it like that it suddenly becomes a much more attractive perspective. Not to mention that you do not have to take the whole car apart and you are faster than people using a different tool which saves you money and time. Also, the TN008 offers you many other “special features” which can be activated from the diagnostic menu by going into “special” for any of the modules within the car. I promise we will get to more of that in the future. TN008 is a COMPLETE key programming solution for almost all Toyota, Lexus and Scion models since the 90s.


If you have any of the old Toyota functions like TN004, TN005, TN006 or TN007 there are updates so you do not pay the full value of TN008 and double pay anything. 


I do not plan on going through all the generations now, rather I want to talk to you about the H key systems and what we can do and how. 


I. Here is what you are going to need:


1. AVDI Interface

2. PROTAG Programmer ZN002

3. TN008 Special Function

4. ZN039-2 Transponder Emulator

5. ZN069 Toyota Adapter Set


II. How should you use the H key programming:

Separate immobilizer control unit(immobox) Tokai Rika (H-type key(128bit/ DST AES)): These immobilizer systems use H-type key(DST AES). You can find three different immobox types: 1st generation US market vehicles. 1st Generation EU market vehicles. 2nd generation Here are the key programming options: -Adding a key via OBD(it is a wizard functionality and we need the car and working key from it) - For adding a key we need to have a working key and a used or new key. If you use a new key it has to be prepared prior to starting the procedure. Once we start the software and begin the key programming procedure we receive a message to put the car in ignition ON. We do this and move to the next step The software will then ask us whether we would like to reset the module (this is done ONLY when all keys are lost). Abrites Diagnostics for Toyota will then ask us to turn the ignition ON using a working key. This is exactly what we are to do. Bare in mind the following specifics depending on the different equipment of the vehicles: 1. For cars equipped with “Key in switch” we only place the new key in the key slot and we do not turn the ignition to the ON position. 2. For cars not equipped with “Key in switch” we turn the new key to the ON position. We can then add another key or store the current key and exit the procedure. We can use new keys, used keys or the Abrites TA30 key. -All keys lost - 1. We start by performing a reset of the immobilizer because after resetting we can add keys. 2. If this does not work we move to sniffing the communication with Abrites ZN068 Abrites adapter for Toyota H 3. Internal connection of fuses and key switch.


We DO NOT need to know the exact immobilizer generations. Abrites diagnostics for Toyota will detect the three types. It will try to detect them in the following order: 1st generation US market vehicles. 1st Generation EU market vehicles. 2nd generation We MUST NOT stop the software, unplug the USB or the PC under any circumstances because we will need to restart the whole procedure including all the preparation we have undergone. 1st Generation US market can be reset. Systems of this type can be reset even if no master key is available. We need to start the Abrites diagnostics for Toyota and when we see the message for reset. We then select “Yes”. The software will then show us a message to turn ignition OFF but keep the key in the key slot. In 15-30 minutes we we will see a message from the software saying that the IMMO is successfully reset. After that the car is in “Auto learning mode”. This means that the first key you turn the ignition ON with will be programmed. If the software is unable to reset the IMMO you will receive a message within the first 30 seconds. This means that the car is probably equipped with an H chip. The Abrites diagnostics for Toyota will try 1st Generation Toyota EU. 1st Generation Toyota EU starts by a message requesting the car to be in the ignition ON and the ZN068 Abrites adapter for Toyota H needs to be placed near the antenna for 30 seconds. If this is the IMMO we have this means that we can prepare the sniffer as a master key. Once that is done we can enter key programming (we already have a master key). If the car is not 1st Generation we get a message that the sniffs were not enough and we attach the ZN068 Abrites adapter for Toyota H and continue . Under NO circumstances should we stop the procedure or take out the USB, stop the PC, etc. If we do this we MUST start the whole procedure over again. We then connect the ZN067 to the AVDI and we start looking for the fuses for the IMMO – Battery fuse, ignition fuse and key in switch fuse (we need to have a wiring diagram available for the particular model we are working with). Good practice advise: Check the live data if you do not know what is what and see if by removing a certain fuse you see the live values for what you need as inactive. It is hard, the fuses are different, and we need to pay special attention when dealing with these cases. We need to always confirm all of our connections, If we have made an error somewhere the software will notify us and we need to go over our steps once more to confirm. 


Once all is confirmed as OK the software will start a reset. This takes up to 30 minutes (in most cases you we need to wait around 5-6 minutes). Once this process ends the ZN068 Abrites adapter for Toyota H will beep five times and the software will say that the secret key is found and attach the sniffer. This is exactly what we do and then we press the button to prepare it as a master key for this vehicle. The next message will ask us to return all the fuses to their original places as well as the key in switch. We do that if we have one and then we turn the ignition ON. We are now done with the hard part of the procedure. You just need to know that the ZN068 Abrites adapter for Toyota H will be a master until we disconnect the AVDI or the ZN068 Abrites adapter for Toyota H. Until we do that we can program keys with it or use it to start the car. After we turn the ignition ON the software automatically enters key programming. The procedure is once again dependent on the type of equipment you have. You can use basically any key – new, used or the TA30 Abrites key Once we have programmed the keys, we can go into module 6 by diagnostics and we can delete the previously programmed keys (in case the customer has lost them and is afraid they can be found by someone else). This may not work 100% for all models but they are being added as we upgrade the versions of the Abrites Diagnostics for Toyota. Keep in mind that the ZN068 Abrites adapter for Toyota H and TA30 are reusable and you do not need to buy a separate sniffer for each car you do. Here are some examples for connection to the battery and ignition fuses: 

Toyota Hilux 2016+ Battery fuse - 10A ECU-B NO.2 Ignition fuse - 5A IG2 NO.3 Key switch present 

AyGo 2016+ Battery fuse - 7.5A AM2 NO.2 Ignition fuse - 5A IG2 NO.2 Key switch not present


- Key programming on bench - For this procedure you will need to follow the on-screen messages and connect to the immobilizer unit using the Abrites ZN068 Abrites adapter for Toyota H. 


We have a lot more to cover and we will in the future. I’ll talk to you soon.