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Please refer to the table below for the price of updates to the latest special functions.
If your special function does not appear in the table, you can contact us to obtain a quotation.

Updated Special Function  Existing customer’s functions Price EURO without VAT
BN010 BN006+008 free
BN012 BN005 free
BN013 BN009 free
CR005 CR002 free
CR006 CR003 free
CR007 CR004 free
FN014 FN005 free
FN015 FN010 free
FR004 FR002 free
FR005 FR003 free
KT010 KT001+005 free
MI005 MI003 free
PN010 PN003 free
PN011 PN007 free
PO006 PO002 free
PO007 PO005 free
VL003 VL002 free
VN015 VN001+VN010 free
BN010  BN002  1250
BN010  BN002+BN003 1000
BN010  BN002+BN003+BN004 900
BN010  BN002+BN003+BN004+BN006 400
BN010  BN006  1000
FN013  FN006  300
FN013  FN009  100
FN015 FN003  250
FN015 FN004  325
FN019 FN008  2000
FN019 FN012 1750
FN019 FN016 1500
FN019 FN017 1000
FN019 FN016+CR005 1200
FN019 CR005 1700
FN019 FN018 700
FR008 FR007 300
FR008  FR004  1300
FR008  FR006  800
HK007  HK003  165
HK007  HK005  100
JL004  JL002  150
MI007 MI006 35
MN026 MN022 1575
MN026 MN023 1305
MN026 MN024 or MN025 1755
MN026 MN022+MN023 675
MN026 MN022+MN023+MN024 or MN025 225
MN026 MN022+MN024 or MN025 1125
MN026 MN023+MN024 or MN025 855
NN007 NN005 1085
NN007 NN006 950
ON013 ON011 600
ON013  ON008  100
ON014 ON012 150
ON014  ON009 245
PN009  PN006 195
PN009  PN008  150
PN017 PN011  750
PN017 PN013 500
PN017 PN015 380
PN018 PN010 750
PN018 PN012 or PN014 500
PN018 PN016 380
PO008 PO003  410
PO008 PO004  410
PO008 PO007 35
RR016 RR004 700
RR016 RR009 400
RR018 RR017 350
TN008 TN004 1175
TN008 TN005 900
TN008 TN005 + TN006 550
TN008 TN007 500
VN009 VN008 300
VN015 VN001 530
VN015 VN010 470