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Abrites Diagnostics for HONDA (online software)



General Diagnostics

The Abrites Diagnostics for HONDA software proves itself as a very stable diagnostic tool, allowing our customer to perform basic diagnostics on HONDA vehicles (without limitations). The stable platform that the software is built on - the same as all other Abrites online-based software gives the users a user-friendly and flexible solution for a previously unsupported manufacturer.

The software currently supports various basic diagnostic features which are explained below:

Vehicle identification

ABRITES Diagnostics for HONDA boasts an impressive automatic vehicle detection algorithm which allows the customer to begin diagnostics at the click of a button. Once the AVDI is connected to the vehicle's OBDII port and the software is started, the car is recognized and its model, year and VIN number are shown on the screen.

Model automatic detection blurred VIN Model automatic detection CR-V blurred VIN


Module scanning and reading/erasing of DTCs

The online version of the Abrites diagnostics for HONDA has an extremely stable solution for identifying ALL available modules in the vehicle and reading their DTCs. The user then has the option to view more details about the DTCs and/or delete them. The detail of the DTC description is unrivalled and can help out any diagnostician when performing vehicle diagnostics.

The latest Abrites online software for Honda enables users to perform basic diagnostic (scan, detect and clear fault codes) of the following modules: ABS, SRS, BCM, AT, Smart System - Power Control Module, Smart System - Backup ECU, Smart System - Keyless Access.

Scan results Read DTCs honda evps dtc

Key programming

Key programming is available all Honda models up to 2020. It is currently a free option and supports ALL keys lost and adding a key to the existing key count. With both situations you will need to re-program the existing keys to the car in order for them to work. Here is what the procedure looks like:

key honda 1 key honda 2

In our latest development, all Immobilizer functions are accessible through the main menu, so that all procedures, involving this unit are optimised. This functionality will allow programming of mechanical keys for Honda vehicles. The Immobilizer menu includes the following options: Key Registration, Registered Key Count, All Keys Lost, System Status.

Speaking of key programming capabilities, we have added a Smart System menu, where the smart keys programming options are situated. When launched, the Smart System menu will automatically detect the Smart System and require Ignition. It will allow users to program keyless or smart keys to Honda vehicles, check the registered key count, and erase all keys, if necessary. In addition to that, via the Smart System menu users can replace ECM/PCM and the MICU/VSA Modulator. And finally, check system status.

Users also have access to Smart System All Keys Lost option presented separately in the main menu. This functionality requires neither a registered key, nor Ignition. It renders all issues, raised in all keys lost situations easy to solve and enables users to overcome them effortlessly.

Future developments

One of the latest functionalties our team has developed is related to Honda ECUs. Now, via CAN, it is possible to reset adaptations in relation to the fuel injection programming. This is accessible via PGM-FI option, by choosing Reset Adaptations.

As customary for ABRITES, the team behind the Abrites Diagnostics for HONDA will not rest and has already begun the development of various procedures for the manufacturer. Please stay tuned for features such as module adaptation and mileage recalibration in the near future.