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Additional cables and adapters


In order to assist our customers we have developed connector cables according to the on board diagnostic connectors of the various vehicle brands. Below you can find the different additional cables for brands such as BMW, Mercedes, bikes as well as the J1850 adapter. Please contact for further information.

CB002 AVDI cable for 20 pins round diagnostic connector for BMW CB002
CB003 AVDI cable for 38 pins round diagnostic connector for MERCEDES CB003
CB004 AVDI cable for 14 pins round diagnostic connector for MERCEDES Sprinter CB004
CB005 AVDI cable for ESL(ELV) for Mercedes CB005
CB006 AVDI cable for instrument cluster Mercedes W203, W209, W211, W219 CB006
CB007 AVDI cable for Bombardier diagnostic connector CB007
CB008 AVDI cable for BMW bike diagnostic connector CB008
CB009 AVDI cable for connection with trucks Deutsch 6 pin (J1708) CB009
CB100 AVDI OBDII cable (SAE J1962) CB100
CB101 AVDI extension cable for ABPROG This cable is a part of the ABPROG programmer (ZN030) CB101
CB102 EXT cable for 25 pin F/M CB102
CB103 OBDII Y cable M/2xF CB103
CB104 USB Y 2 x USB-A CB104
CB201 AVDI cable for connection with Suzuki Marine Engines type 1 CB201
CB202 AVDI cable for connection with Suzuki Marine Engines type 2 (round) CB202
CB203 AVDI cable for connection with Yamaha Marine Engines CB203
CB204 AVDI cable for connection with Evinrude Marine Engines CB204
CB205 Evinrude Flash Update cable CB205
CB301 AVDI cable for connection with Aprilia Bikes CB301
CB302 AVDI cable for connection with KTM Bikes CB302
CB303 AVDI cable for connection with Benelli Bikes CB303
CB304 AVDI cable for connection with Suzuki Bikes (6 pins) CB304
ZN030 ABPROG programmer The following ICs are supported M35080xx, D080D0WQ, D160D0WQ, SPI 95xxx, I2C 24XXX, Microwire 93XXX, mcu in BCM2 of Audi A4/A5/Q5/A6/A7/A8/ VW Touareg, mcu in BCM of Renault Megane III, Scenic III, Fluence. ABPROG programmer (ZN030) including the ZN031 adapter. ABPROG programmer works with AVDI interface only. ZN030
ZN031 Adapter for ABPROG programmer. It allows programming of EEPROMs – M35xxx/I2C/SPI/MicroWire. This adapter is a part from ABPROG programmer (ZN030). ZN031
ZN032 ABPROG NEC adapter with socket The adapter is intended for ABPROG programmer ZN030 to be used with NEC MCUs from Mercedes IR-keys. ZN032
ZN033 ABPROG NEC adapter This adapter is for the customers who already have ABPROG - ZN030 programmer. ZN033
ZN034 This adapter is for the customers who already have ABPROG - ZN030 programmer. ZN034
ZN036 IR AVDI cable Cable for reading data from EIS through Infra Red ZN036
ZN037 Renault CAN adapter Adapter for diagnostics of all multimedia modules present in the car (Radio, Navigation, Bluetooth, Telephone, e.t.c). ZN037
ZN038 Fiat/Chrysler CAN adapter Diagnostics adapter for ABS (Anti Lock Brakes), HALF (Haptical Lane Feedback), ESL ( Electronic Steering Lock), ORC (Occupant Restraint), EPS (Electric Power Steering), PAM (Parking Aid Module) present in Fiat 500x and Jeep Renegade zn038
ZN039 Abrites Toyota transponder emulator Transponder emulator used in conjunction with special function TN006 in order to emulate a master key for Toyota/Lexus vehicles thus allowing the programming of other keys and/or emergency starting the car without taking out the Smart System ZN039
ZN040     The Abrites A6/A7/A8 CAN Adapter is used in order to make the ALL KEYS LOST procedure for Audi A6/A7/A8 easier providing all necessary connections. ZN040
ZN046 The Abrites key renewal adapter is a new product which assists when you need to renew a Hitag 2 type of key. It is soldered to the Hitag 2 PCB and it is then attached to the ABPROG programmer in order to renew used HITAG 2 ZN046

Adapter used to connect to K-Line BMW vehicles when using OEM software via the AVDI PassThru driver

ZN051 Abrites adapter and cable set for Mercedes-Benz Set of cables used together with the AVDI in order to facilitate and speed up the extraction of key passwords, the virginazation of modules and update of emulators ZN051 full
ZN052 Abrites cable set for adapting IMMO parts used together with VN005 ZN052
ZN053 AVDI Extractor Cable ZN053
ZN054 Extension cable set for direct CAN connection for VAG vehicles zn054
ZN055 EWS3 Adapter for ABPROG zn055
ZN057 Wire extender for the EEPROM/BCM adapter to be used for reading chips without having to take them off the PCB. zn057
J1850 SAE J1850 adapter for AVDI Adapter will allow diagnostic operation with SAE J1850 based diagnostic protocols used in the past from Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Plymouth, Ford. thumb cab6