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The newest version of ABRITES ECU Programming Software is here! 
In version 3.8 our team has made several improvements, that will be invaluable for all of you working predominantly with VAG vehicles. 
The first one is that now the ABRITES ECU Programming Software supports DFLASH reading and writing, as well as PFLASH reading by OBD for nearly all VAG Bosch EDC17 ECUs. This allows you to work on a broader range of VAG computers on a daily basis and makes your tasks considerably easier. 
The second improvement, made by Team Abrites is in regard to working on TP2.0 computers for VAG by OBD. Now you are able to work with ME17.5.24 with the confidence that your job will be done adequately. 
Thirdly, you will get access to a considerable database of VAG virtual flashes for FREE. This is done by pressing the VR button in the installed application.