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The latest version of Abrites Diagnostics for VAG brings users a unique new feature. With 39.0 you can read the CS and PIN for all IMMO III/IV ECUs (for example, Simos Benzin, Simos PCR2.1, Magnetti Marelli 9GV, Bosch 2012+ ECU are now covered by OBDII) and TCUs (Audi A6/Q7 4F/4L 2004-2013). This universal functionality will let you work on a wider range of vehicles with ease, especially replacement of deffective ECUs, and program keys. Please note that the CS or PIN will be calculated correctly only if the module is in original condition.
As you know, we always strive to achieve the impossible, so in this version you will find a few outstanding and innovative improvements in the process of replacing immobilizer parts for MQB and BCM2 vehicles. 

Version 39.0 of the Abrites Diagnostics for VAG is unique in its functionality for transmission control units replacement procedure for vehicles like Audi A6/Q7 2003-2013, and Audi A8 20003-2010. Until now, this process has been time-consuming, low-efficiency and complex, whereas with the Abrites solution it is now done in a matter of seconds. 

The same goes for the Simos Benzin ECUs, adapting parts for which also used to take hours of CS calculations, installing a CAN emulator and using a Distribution Box in the process. Moreover, working on Diesel ECUs PCR2.1 is now possible by OBDII, again, a unique functionality, rendering your tasks considerably easier, given that you will not have to deal with EEPROM or Bootmode procedures. Magnetti Marelli 9GV ECUs and Bosch ECUs (2012-2015) are also much easier to work on with the Abrites Diagnostics for VAG Version 39.0.

In short, our latest update for VAG is an irreplaceable software solution, providing you with innovative functionalities, unmatched in the field. By reading PIN/CS using our VN002 special function, you will be able to not only adapt modules to the vehicles, but also effortlessly and unproblematically program keys for VAG vehicles. 

See how PIN and CS are read step-by-step in the video by our friends AVDI FAN Team here.

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