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All customers with a valid AMS will receive an update via the online software automatic update option, no need to download, the next time you start the software you will already have the update.

In this version you will now have the advantage of receiving support for the ISTA-P version 66.2. This is the latest possible version and everyone with a valid AMS now has access to it! 

What does this mean?

NEW FEM/ BDC MODULES NOW SUPPORTED  for KEY PROGRAMMING! Exclusively for AVDI Customers with BN013 and a valid AMS! No other tool can do the latest FEM/ BDC!

It means that you will have less and less unsupported versions and you will be able to do cars that have been programmed in a BMW workshop even after the beginning of 2019. 

ISTA version 66 is the latest one available and you now have access to work on the cars with it!!!