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New special functions for VAG - VN012 and VN013


The latest additions to our ABRITES Diagnostics for VAG are now available to our customers in the form of TWO BRAND NEW special functions - VN012 and VN013

VN012 - Security data extraction for VAG vehicles with Magneti Marelli 9GV ECU
This function will allow customers to perform module adaptation (for immo parts) and key learning (both adding key and ALL KEYS LOST) by reading the security data (PIN and CS) of the 9GV ECU. The procedure is done by OBDII if there is a working key present or on the bench (using the ZN051 Distribution Box without opening the ECU) in case all keys are lost.

VN013 - ECU authorization for all Immo 3 and Immo 4 vehicles
The function allows the customers to perform authorization (using the ZN051 Distribution Box) of the vehicle ECU in order to update the engine software or to start the vehicle. This is done in order to enter into reflashing mode to update the software with a SGO/FRF file or to perform an emergency start to the vehicle so that it can be driven to the next service point. The function covers all IMMO 3 and IMMO 4 ECUs (Bosch, Siemens/Continental and Magneti Marelli).