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Abrites ZN059/ZN060/ZN061 adapter now available


Remember when entering service mode needed to remove the  EEPROM+ 24C32/24C64, read it, save it and load into the software?

- Not anymore. Our new ZN059/ ZN060/ ZN061 adapter allows you to connect to the back of cluster and enter service mode by connection to the cluster without removing the EEPROM.

The ZN059/ ZN060/ ZN061 adapter is now available and you can order it. The cable is used to read the clusters  and allows you not to disconnect the 24C32/24C64 from the board, rather you plug the

ZN059/ ZN060/ ZN061 to the cluster, supply power, connect the "needle" and connect to the AVDI.

- ZN059 Takes care of VDO.

-ZN060 Takes care of Micronas NEW Style connector.

- ZN061 will take care of the OLD Style Micronas type of connector (COMING SOON)