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ABRITES TagKeyTool 5.8 released


bility for cloning of Temic 8C transponders/keys
d antenna sensativity
d cloning Texas 4D/4E transponders
n 100 new vehicle models added to "Key Tool" - Volvo Bosch immobox 93C56/93C66 -Volvo C70, S40, S70, S80, V40, V70, FH12; Mazda Immobox Lucas HC05 ID33; Chery ID40; Renault Expace III, Megane -1999, Twing -1999; Peugeot 206,406; Toyota/Lexus; VW GOL ...
bility for preparation of ID45 Peugeot, ID40 Chery, ID41 Nissan, ID73 Mitsubishi