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ABRITES Diagnostics for VAG 18.0 released


MED17 PIN/CS/MAC read by OBDII!!!
P2.0 and UDS engines are supported!
ted are ImmoIII, ImmoIV and ImmoV systems, but ImmoV systems don't have MAC/PIN, only CS inside
connection required!. Free for all owners of AN014
or all VW/Seat/Skoda/Audi vehicles with Immo IV systems (UDS immobilizers except these with BCM2 BCM2 is Immo V system)
also for A6 with the facelift (2008-2010) and Q7 till 2012!!!
for the Passat B6/CC/7 vehicles till 2013
for Audi A3 till 2013
also for many of the VW/Seat/Skoda/Audi Immo III systems (TP2.0 immobilizers)
ys completeley by OBDII wihtout having any key from the car in less than 2 minutes!!!
ng>ATTENTION: Any original keys cannot be used anymore. Free for all owners of AN030+AN031 and AN014(if ECU is EDC17)
* !!!HIT!!! - EDC17 UDS - Now possible to adapt EDC17 with UDS diagnostic protocol. Free for all owners of AN037
- install new Comfort module. Possibility to search 7 bytes automatically using AN037 in few seconds!!! No more need to find 7 bytes manually!!! Free for all owners of AN037
* ! - Audi A6/Allroad/Q7 Transmission gearbox re-adaptation (change from one car to another of second-hand gearboxes). Free for all owners of AN037
le to learn keys for the Immo IV systems (UDS immobilizers), Audi A6/Q7 also from the main key-learning menu. Free for all owners of AN030+AN031
g>New Special function implemented - AN042:
rite EDC17/MED17 Flash/ConfData through boot-mode
y PIN/CS/MAC from EDC17/MED17 dump
> Component protection - added support for:
6/Q7 Seat memory module
6/Q7 Climate control 4F0910043A
8 DSP Bang & Olufsen. Free for all owners of AN040