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New VAG special function


Dear Customers,

Abrites is extremely happy to announce its latest special function which allows the user to perform mileage recalibration on the following VAG vehicles completely by OBDII.

- Audi A6/A7 (4G)
- Audi A8 (4H)
- VW Touareg (7P)

New versions of the EZS Kessy related modules added for component protection as well as new versions of MMI modules added across the Generation I and II.

This functionality will be under the VN010 special function. Please also note the introduction of the VAG Mileage Recalibration package which will consist of VN001, VN007 and VN010 and will contain a 10% discount compared to purchasing the functions separately.

We thank you for keeping your faith in us as we continue to achieve the impossible!