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Abrites Diagnostics for Mercedes Online (online software)



Big news for the Abrites diagnostics for Mercedes. From September 2017 onwards the Abrites diagnostics for Mercedes will be based on our newest platform (Abrites online, generation 2 or online software).

With this change we know we will have a whole new field to develop all our new features in and allow even more to be done without being constrained in the old user interface.

The new version will include:
- Automatic car detection
- Scan All algorithm
- "Live data"
- Reading and clearing of Diagnostic Trouble Codes plus all additional environment data.
- Custom diagnostic sessions for every found ECU

The development of the Abrites diagnostics for Mercedes online has just began and you will see many new features in it in the future.

The Abrites diagnostics for Mercedes Online software will be included in the September 2017 update and will be free for all customers with a valid AMS.