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Abrites Diagnostics for Mercedes/ Maybach/ Smart version 10.3


The news about the Abrites diagnostics for Mercedes version 10.3 include improvements in the DAS manager special function . Extraction speed is once again increased and the stability is better than ever. Our servers are able to calculate passwords quicker each day and the new version will show that. We also have new features for people working without a car and in specific situations with personalizing:

- FBS DATA personalization is now available to be done from file (meaning that if you have a DAS module on a bench you can personalize if with FBS data you have previously saved). This will allow to send someone a working DAS module as a plug and play solution for their vehicle. Perfect for 7G tronic, ESL, ISM/ESM/DSM, Engine Control Units. Previously this was available only for EZS but now it can be done for any DAS related unit. The update is free for anyone with a valid AMS and the MN026 special function.

- New supported ECUs for DAS manager. W166 (X166)/ W176/ W117/ W246 ECUs added to the ever growing support list of the DAS manager. Free for all customers with a valid AMS and MN026.

You will see all this in the September 2017 update.