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Abrites Diagnostics for VAG version 29.0


The Abrites diagnostics for VAG team prepared something really interesting for service and repair shops with this update.
In version 29.0 of the Abrites diagnostics for VAG software you will be able to find the new VN005 special function also known as - Immo III/IV emulation
It allows to replace immo-related parts in another vehicle, even when the brand is different or power class is different.
The function works for the transmissions of Audi A6 2003-2010, Audi Q7 2005-2015, Audi A8 2003-2010,
and for all Immo III/IV engine control units (EDC16/EDC17/ME7/MED9/MED17/Simos benzin/Simos PPD/Simos PCR/Magneti Marelli/Delphi).
Apart from that the function will require the EM003 emulator purchased from the Abrites online store or our partners. It also requires you to have internet
connection and a power supply for the car as the process takes up to 5 hours.
VN005 can be purchased from our online store or through our partners' network.

NB!!! VN002 is needed in order for the VN005 to work.