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New Product introduced: Abrites TA26 extractor


The new Abrites TA26 is a new product by our company developed in order to assist with the extraction of PIN codes and 7th byte in VAG vehicles, Hyundai/ Kia and others.
You can use the TA26 to reduce the time to extract the 7th CP byte from different VAG vehicles. For example in the Passat B6/ CC you will need about a
minute to extract the 7th byte in all keys lost vehicles when you have the 6 bytes CP from the ECU. This adapter will also help with the password extraction
for the PIN from working keys in Hyundai/ KIA vehicles. Please note that you will require the correspondent Abrites software as well as a PROTAG programmer
in order to use the TA26 extractor. For more details - please check the user manuals.