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Abrites diagnostics for VAG version 28.4


In version 28.4 you can expect to see the following:

- Improved EDC16 IMMO OFF functionality - now made for about 30 sec.
- Added dashboards VDO NEC (Q3/RS3) by OBD II for key learning and cluster calibration.
Depending on whether you need cluster calibration or key learning you will need VN002 or VN003/ AN046/ AN050 and a valid AMS
- Added gateways for component protection for A1 (8U0). Free for all owners of VN002/AN052 and a valid AMS.
- Added finding of 7th byte for Megamos48 via TA26 device. Free for all owners of VN003/ AN050, TA26, PROTAG and a valid AMS.
- Added read/write by boot pin for EDC/ MED 17 ECUs with Infineon TC1782. Free for all owners of VN004/ AN054 with a valid AMS