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Abrites diagnostics for BMW/ Mini version 30.8


Abrites diagnostics for BMW/ Mini version 30.8 includes many changes to procedures as well as many new guided functions for ease of usage and brand new guided functions. In all the new Abrites diagnostics for BMW/ Mini have great improvements in terms of usage. Now we offer easy to follow steps and much more linear options. Service workshop have many benefits when talking about DPF regeneration, calibrations of many actuators. One of the biggest new additions is the reset adaptation of 6 and 8 HP gearboxes by ZF. Some of these new service functions include:
- Adjustment of starting torque for E70 models
- Smooth running control for DDE and DDE2 for E and F series
- EGS Reset adaptation 6HP & 8HP for E & F(8HP only for E series). This function will be delivered later as the development is not complete.
The functions above will be available for all customers with a valid AMS.