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New Product introduction TA27 Abrites Renault Mégane III / Laguna III PCB (4 button type)


Abrites TA27 key PCB applicable for Renault Mégane III / Laguna III .

The Abrites TA27 PCB is the next product developed by the Abrites hardware team to assist the Abrites customers in key learning for these models. The Abrites key PCB will require a plastic cover in order to fit in the car and to be learned in it. As usual the Abrites TA27 falls under the strict Abrites quality control standards and is made in our own production facility .

Using the TA27 we can solve the problem of finding the hard to source key cards for the Renault Mégane III / Laguna III platform. The PCBs come fully equipped to enter the plastic cover and be learned to the vehicle. They also have a remote control which is automatically learned with the key using the Abrites Diagnostics for Renault software.

We strive to offer the TA27 at a competitive price and now you will soon be able to purchase it from the online store at the price of 55€